5 Strongest Above Ground Pool Covers [Different Sizes & Shapes]

An above ground pool is a fantastic addition to your property as it allows you to own a pool without having to spend much. However, it also comes with some responsibility as you need to maintain it, but a good pool cover always makes the job easier for you.

With the best above ground pool cover, you have an effective way of keeping out most kinds of contaminants from large debris and birds dropping to the sun’s UV rays.

An above-ground pool cover can also save you money as you will not need to treat your pool a lot, and it is also vital for safety. Here we review a few top-rated above-ground pool covers and explain what to consider when choosing one.

5 Best Above Ground Pool Covers – Review 

1. Best Overall: Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover

The Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover is our best overall above ground pool cover. It is highly durable, fits perfectly, and gives you an easy time when it comes to installation.

This above ground pool cover features a heavy-duty polyethylene material, which is thick and tough enough to withstand abuse for a long time to come. Although it is a 12-foot cover, it has a generous 4-foot overlap to ensure you get maximum coverage.

What’s more, this cover will also give you an easy time when it comes to installation as the winch and cable are part of the package.

You can also get something that matches your pool or the theme in your yard, as there are more than a dozen color options. Additionally, there is also an oval option, the Robelle 351833-4 Super Winter Pool Cover, to cater to all above-ground pool owners.

The only notable drawback with this pool cover is that it does not come with cover clips. However, it is still secure enough without them, and you can still buy them separately for a few bucks.


  • Thick and durable material
  • Generous overlap for maximum coverage
  • Easy to install as it comes with everything you need
  • Variety of color choices


  • Cover clips not included

2. Best Round: Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover

If you have a more traditional round above ground pool, the Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover is a fantastic choice as it does a good job covering the round pools. Additionally, setting it up is quick and super easy as it includes rope ties.

Another thing that makes this one of the best circular shape above pool covers is the UV-resistant polyethylene material that holds up well against the elements.

This pool cover also includes drain holes that will help prevent water accumulation to ensure the surface never sags. Better still, there are heavy-duty Velcro straps that will keep it secure and tight enough throughout the season.

Although overhung on this above ground pool cover seems to be a little short, it should not be a deal-breaker as it does not affect the coverage significantly. Also, there are a few colors to choose from, but the available ones are neutral and should work well for most people.


  • Quick and easy securing
  • Material holds up well against the elements
  • Drains water to prevent pooling
  • Heavy-duty Velcro


  • Shorter overhung
  • Limited color choices

3. Value for the Money: Blue Wave Bronze Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

This Blue Wave pool cover comes at a more affordable price tag, and for a 24-foot model, it is hard to get something that gives you better value for money.

Installing this pool cover should be a breeze with the provided cable and winch. The two also make tightening it easy so that you always get a snug fit. Additionally, it has a generous 4-foot overhang that minimizes the likelihood of stretching or ripping.

The material has UV inhibitors to ensure it holds up well against the elements, and you can be sure the cover will keep out the sun, wind, ice, and snow.

Also, it will serve you longer than most others out there, and it comes with an 8-year warranty to assure you of this. If this dark blue navy color does not work for you, there are also other options like the Blue Wave BWC808 that comes in a pleasant forest green shade.

The metal grommets seem to deform a little too quickly, but this should not be a deal-breaker as you can restore them easily without breaking any.


  • More affordable to offer good value for money
  • Easy tightening with cable and winch included
  • Does not stretch or rip easily
  • Material includes UV inhibitors
  • Backed by an 8-year warranty


  • Metal grommets deform easily

4. Best for Heat Retention: Winter Block Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

The tightly woven scrim and thick polyethylene material allow this Winter Block pool cover to hold up well against harsh winter conditions and ensure maximum heat retention. Additionally, the cover has superior tensile strength for an even longer service life.

Installation should be straightforward as this cover comes with the winch and cable, which also offer greater adjustability to ensure you always get the right fit. You should also have an easy time handling this cover as it only weighs 9.48 pounds.

This cover fits a 24-foot above ground pool perfectly and will also include a 3-foot overhang for an even better fit.

There are no drain holes on this pool cover, but this does not have to be the deal-breaker as you can ensure it does not cave in by keeping a pool ladder or other things like pool toys beneath it.


  • Tight woven scrim holds up well against the elements
  • Includes winch and cable for easy installation
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Lightweight design for easy handling


  • No drain holes

5. Best Oval: Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover

If you have an oval above ground pool, the Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover is perfect for you. The 18-foot cover fits perfectly and includes a generous 4-foot overhang to make installation easy and enhance the fit.

The heavy-duty polyethylene material with heat-sealed seams improves the overall performance of the cover and ensures it holds up well to the elements. Additionally, the topside has a special coating that provides increased UV resistance.

Installing this cover should be quick and easy as it comes with a winch and cable. Also, besides this oval winter pool cover, the company has a round option; the Pool Mate 5724-4 Sandstone Winter Pool Cover.

The two main shortcomings of this pool cover are that the material feels a little thin and few color choices. However, the material is still heavy-duty, and most of the available colors are pleasant and more neutral to suit all pools.


  • Heavy-duty material with durable seams
  • High resistance to UV rays
  • Easy installation with included accessories
  • Perfect fit with a generous overhang


  • Material could be thicker
  • Few color options

Guide to Buy the Best Above Ground Pool Cover 

How to Above Ground Pool Cover

1. Cover Type

You will first need to decide on the cover type you want for your above ground pool before anything else. The right style for you often depends on how you want to use the cover. Here are a few common types to consider.

Mesh Pool Cover

The mesh pool covers allow water to flow through but keep out debris like leaves and other large contaminants. Mesh covers will not need cleaning as often as the others, but they still allow lots of dirt to get to the pool water.

Solid Winter Cover

Solid winter pool covers will keep both large and small debris out of your pool water. These covers are also effective at blocking out the sun and are the best option if you want something to keep the water clean for long.

Additionally, solid winter covers prevent the formation of algae in your pool during the winter months, when it is kept for long time without being used.

Solar Pool Cover

The primary purpose of the solar pool covers is to help keep the pool water warm. They allow more sunlight to get to the water and also minimize evaporation and heat loss. However, these covers are also effective at keeping out debris.

Pool Safety Cover

A pool safety cover prevents accidental plunges into the pool and is crucial if you have kids and pets. The cover has a stronger and more durable material and is anchored along the pool’s deck to ensure it can take a lot of weight without caving in.

2. Size and Shape

The size and shape of the pool cover also matter a lot because what you buy needs to fit your pool perfectly. Your specific pool dimensions should guide you when deciding the pool cover size and shape.

It is important to note that manufacturers will describe the pool cover size according to the pool size it can cover. For example, a 12-foot cover like the Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover is for a 12-foot above ground pool. This cover has a 4-foot overhang, meaning its actual diameter is 16 feet. Therefore, when deciding on the size, the most crucial factor to consider is your pool size.

When it comes to shape, most of these covers will be either oval or round. Like with the size, the ideal cover shape for you depends on the shape of the pool.

3. Attachment Design

It is essential to ensure that the pool cover you choose for your above ground pool is easy to install. The ease of installation largely depends on the attachment design.

Here most common pool cover options include some grommets on their perimeter to ensure you can easily attach them to the pool using a winch and cable.

While still on the attachment design, a good above ground pool cover should also have some form of adjustability. Some covers will include simple rope ties to make them quick and easy to adjust.

4. Other Extras

There are a few extras you also need to watch out for to ensure you get the best above ground pool cover, like algae control and drain holes.

Pools with algae control will have a unique design or material that helps prevent or slow down algae growth and are vital in the winter.

Drain holes prevent water from collecting on the cover, which often causes it to fail by snagging into the pool. With drain holes, the water will seep into the pool instead of pooling at the top.

5. Warranty

A warranty is what gives you some confidence that the cover you buy will serve you long enough. The longer the warranty period, the better here.

Some pool cover manufacturers will give you a warranty of up to 10 years, but even the 8-year warranty you get with the Blue Wave BWC708 is fantastic.


You need the best above ground pool cover to keep your pool water debris-free and for safety. Finding the perfect one should now be easy with our review above and buying guide to help you out.

From the review, the Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover is our best overall as it is a highly durable cover that holds up well against the elements and is super easy to install.

However, the Blue Wave BWC708 will give you the best value for money and is still effective at protecting your pool from the elements, and is durable enough.

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