7 Best Chlorine Tablets for Inground Pool, Above Ground Pool & Popup Pool

Keeping your swimming pool water clean and sanitized takes quite some effort as you need to keep adding more chlorine. However, you can make things a little less hectic by using the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools.

Chlorine tablets are super easy to use, and they allow you to keep the water sanitized by adding small doses of the sanitizing agent. Additionally, they are highly effective at preventing algae formation and will not stain the pool walls or floors.

Finding the right chlorine tablets for your swimming pool can be time-consuming and hectic, given the many options out there. However, with our review of some top-rated chlorine tablets and a buying guide, it should be easier to narrow down your choices.

7 Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool – Review

1. Best Overall: Pool Mate Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

The Pool Mate Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets are our best overall chlorine tablets, thanks to their higher chlorine content, making them even more effective at sanitizing your pool water.

 These tablets have 99% active ingredients and at least 90% available chlorine, making them one of the most potent sanitizers on our list.

These chlorine tablets are stabilized with cyanuric acid, which ensures they will not break down quickly even when using them in outdoor swimming pools. Additionally, they are slow dissolving, which ensures they last even longer in the pool.

Each of the tablets will come wrapped individually, which makes them easier and safer to handle. What’s more, the tablets come with clear dosage directions to ensure you know exactly how to use them for the best results.

Although these tablets seem a little pricier, they make up for this by being more powerful sanitizers and lasting much longer in the pool.


  • Contains a higher amount of chlorine
  • Does not break down easily
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Slow dissolving for continuous sanitization


  • Relatively pricier

2. Value for Money: HTH 42033 Super 3″ Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine

The HTH 42033 is a multifunctional and long-lasting chlorine tablet that comes at a more affordable price to ensure you get the best value for money.

These tablets will be ideal for sanitizing, controlling algae, clarifying your pool, and keeping stains in check. Just one is enough to treat 10,000 gallons of water for at least a week, ensuring you do not have to keep buying more chlorine.

Since the tablets are stabilized and sun-protected, you can be sure they will not break down quickly even when using them for outdoor swimming pools.

You can use these tablets on almost any pool type as they are compatible with saltwater systems and will not damage vinyl liners.

The packaging needs improvement as some tablets may arrive broken. However, this does not affect their potency, and so it should not be a deal-breaker.


  • Great value for money
  • Compatible with most pool types
  • Does not break down quickly under the sun
  • One tablet chlorinates for up to a week


  • Packaging needs some improvement

3. Best Multipurpose Tablets: Robelle Chlorine Tabs Pool Sanitizer

If you prefer to use chlorine tablets that will do more for your pool than just clean the water, these multipurpose 5-in-1 ones by Robelle will be a good buy.

Besides sanitizing the water, the tablets will help with algae control, calcify the water, inhibit stain, and be very effective at descaling. Hence, with these tablets, you get all-round pool protection.

Additionally, since they are potent enough in cleaning pool water and helping maintain pool chemistry, they will minimize the need to use other types of chemicals. What’s more, all the tablets are individually wrapped to make them safe to handle and store.

Some pool owners might not like that they have to unwrap each tablet individually as it takes more work and can be inconvenient. However, this is what makes the tablets safe to handle. Also, the issue of broken tablets often occurs due to poor handling during shipping.


  • Serves various functions in the pool
  • Safe to handle
  • Each stays longer in the pool
  • Potent enough to minimize the need for other chemicals


  • Unwrapping each tablet takes more work
  • Broken tablets

4. Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets 1-Inch Pool and Spa Chemicals

The Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets are just the perfect size for you if you have a small above ground pool or a popup pool.

These 1-inch tables have a high enough chlorine concentration and will effectively sanitize the water and last up to 1 week.

Additionally, the tablets are stabilized, ensuring they will not break down quickly when exposed to UV rays. Therefore, you can use them in all outdoor pools with no worries.

These chlorine tablets can work well for most swimming pools as they are not harsh on things liners and are compatible with saltwater systems. Also, using them will help keep your pool in great shape throughout as they maintain a steady chlorine residual.

Like many other 1-inch tablets, these seem to dissolve a little too fast. However, they remain effective for a long time even after dissolving entirely.


  • Perfect size for small pools
  • Chlorinates for up to 1 week
  • They do not degrade quickly under UV rays
  • Works for salt systems


  • They dissolve a little too fast

5. Clorox Pool&Spa Small Pool 1″ Chlorinating Tablets

These 1-inch tablets by Clorox are another excellent option for those with smaller pools that are less than 5,000 gallons.

The chlorine tablets are highly effective at killing bacteria to ensure the water is well-sanitized and prevent algae growth. Better yet, they always leave your water clearer than before.

Since these Clorox chlorine tablets are stabilized, they have maximum protection from the sun, and so you can be sure they will last longer in the water as they do not break down quickly.

When it comes to the application, you also get an easier time. The chlorine tablets work fine with both floaters and feeders, and you can even add them to the pool’s skimmer.

The only notable drawback with these tablets is the price, as it seems a little higher than most other 1-inch chlorine tablets out there. However, they are worth it, as they offer high effectiveness and last long enough.


  • Effective at killing bacteria and algae
  • Stabilized tablets last longer
  • Very effective at keeping water clear
  • Works well with floater and feeders


  • A little pricier

6. NAVA Pool Care 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

With up to 90% available chlorine, these NAVA tablets have one of the highest concentrations on our chlorine tablets for swimming pool review. Therefore, you can be confident they will be more effective at sanitizing your pool water and preventing algae growth.

The tablets come individually wrapped, which makes them safer to handle and easier to store. Also, wrapping them this way minimizes the likelihood of breakage during shipping.

These chlorine tablets are stabilized to protect them against the sun’s UV rays and ensure they do not break down easily. This and the fact that they are slow-dissolving will ensure they last much longer in your pool.

You can use these tablets in all pool types, including those that run on saltwater systems and the pools that have the more delicate vinyl liners. What’s more, you can use them with almost any device, including feeders, floaters, and ionizers.

These tablets seem to have a strong chlorine smell, but you will hardly notice it once you have them in the pool. Also, the more pungent smell is because they have a high available chlorine concentration.


  • Contains a higher amount of chlorine
  • Safer to handle as they are wrapped individually
  • Lasts longer as they are UV stabilized
  • Works for all pool types


  • Strong chlorine smell

7. Clorox Pool&Spa Active99 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

If you prefer chlorine tablets from a top brand, these 3-inch ones from Clorox will be a fantastic choice. These chlorinating tablets have long-lasting sunlight protection that ensures they do not break down easily and will keep the water sanitized for longer.

Besides sanitizing water by killing bacteria and other contaminants, these tablets will also be very effective at preventing algae and ensuring your water remains clear.

Like most other top-quality chlorine tablets, they have individual wrapping to ensure they do not break during shipping. This wapping also makes them safer to handle. When it comes to the application, they are also more flexible to give users an easy time as you can use a feeder, floater or add them directly to the skimmer.

One gripe that some pool owners might have with these chlorine tablets is that the packaging is not very good as the container they come in is not watertight. However, this should not cause you any problems provided you store them properly.


  • Lasts longer in the water without breaking down
  • Applicable using various devices
  • Kills bacteria and prevents algae growth
  • Individual wrapping prevents breaking and ensures safe handling


  • Packaging needs improvement

Note: If you plan to start using chlorine tablets, you will also need a suitable method or device for dispensing them. Therefore, it will be good to buy a chlorine tablet dispenser like the 440 Pool Chlorine Floater Dispenser together with the chlorine tablets.  

Guide to Buy Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool

How to Buy Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool

1. Stabilized vs Unstabilized Chlorine Tablets

You will need to decide on the chlorine tablet type to use for your swimming pool. Although there are different ways to classify the tablets, the two main categories are stabilized and unstabilized chlorine.

Stabilized chlorine tablets will include cyanuric acid (pool stabilizer) as part of the ingredients, which ensures the chlorine will not degrade or break down quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. This type of chlorine tablet is beneficial for outdoor swimming pools as it will ensure you do not need to keep adding more chlorine.

Unstabilized chlorine tablets do not include cyanuric acid. Therefore, they break down quickly when they encounter UV rays. These tablets are ideal for indoor pools, spas, and hot tubs and for pool shocking where you have to add high doses of chlorine to the water.

2. Tablet Size

You can get chlorine tablets in two main sizes, which are the 1-inch and 3-inch tablets. The right size for you depends on your swimming pool and the tablet dispenser type you have.

1-inch chlorine tablets like the Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets are ideal for smaller pool sizes and other things like hot tubs. However, if you have a larger pool than 5,000 gallons, these smaller tablets will not be very effective for you.

With 3-inch tablets such as the HTH 42033 Super 3″ Tablets, you can treat up to 5,000 gallons of pool water with just one. These tablets are the best for larger pool sizes, but they dissolve slowly compared to 1-inch tablets.

3. Tablet Quality and Purity

The quality and purity of the chlorine tablets you buy also matter a lot as they will affect their effectiveness at cleaning your pool water.

Most tablets will have anything from 10% to over 90% chlorine. The higher the chlorine content in your tablets, the better their quality and the more effective they will be at sanitizing your pool water.

Additionally, a higher chlorine purity will ensure you use fewer tablets to clean your water and save even more money. Some such as the Pool Mate Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets with up to 90% available chlorine will be highly effective at pool sanitization.

4. Speed of Dissolution

The dissolution speed matters a lot as you will want tablets that dissolve quickly to ensure your pool water is always clean.

However, the speed is not always easy to calculate. Besides the tablets’ type and size, it also depends on water temperature and pressure and the application method.

That said, it is essential to make sure the tablets you choose do not dissolve too fast or too slowly. A dissolution rate of 2 to 5 hours for one tablet-like what you get with most automatic dispensers, should be good enough. However, the best chlorine tablet will keep yor water clean for up to a week, even after they dissolve completely.

5. Price

Since you will need chlorine tablets for your regular swimming pool maintenance, their price matters a lot. However, this does not mean that you should go for the cheapest tablets you can get. Instead, look for something that gives you good value for money.

Chlorine tablets that last longer while still ensuring effective sanitization and also come at a great price and with a higher count per box or container will give you the best value for money.

Bottom Line 

If you are on the lookout for the best chlorine table for swimming pools, there is something for you on our list, and you only need to decide what works best for you.

However, to make your choice even more straightforward, the Pool Mate Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets is our best overall product and hence top recommendation, given the higher chlorine concentration, UV stabilization, and individual wrapping.

That said, if you are keen on ensuring you get the best value for your bucks, go for the HTH 42033 Super 3″ Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine, as it is a more affordable option.

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