7 Best Rated Intex Above Ground Pools & Inground Pools

Intex is one of the most popular swimming pool brands. Their popularity stems from their high-quality pools and the fact they offer a wide array of pool types to cater to everyone.

With an Intex pool, you never have to struggle with a lengthy and complicated setup as they are straightforward to install. Also, these pools are way more affordable than building an inground pool.

The many Intex pools in the market will ensure you have enough options, but they can make it hard to decide what to buy. Here we aim to make things easier for you by reviewing a few top-rated models and providing a buying guide.

7 Best Intex Pools – Review

1. Best Overall: Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set

At the top of our list is the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set. What makes it our best overall model is that it is durable, comes with everything you need, and is super easy to set up.

The pool set features a heavy-duty and durable steel frame that includes powder coating to ensure besides being long-lasting, it will also not rust or corrode quickly. This frame is also easy to set up as you only need to snap the pieces together without using any additional tools.

When you buy the pool, you get everything you need, including the pump filter and ladder. The pool includes improved dual suction outlet fittings that improve water circulation to enhance water clarity and hygiene. Also, the removable ladder provides excellent stability.

This pool has enough room for the entire family and also holds enough water (5,061 gallons). You will also get a free maintenance DVD to ensure you know what to do if you have issues when you buy it.

Price seems to be the only notable drawback as this is the priciest model on our Intex pool review. However, the size, build quality, and overall performance of the pool make it worth every buck.


  • More robust and durable construction
  • Improves water circulation for better hygiene
  • Comes with a pump and ladder
  • Snaps together quickly with no extra tools


  • A little pricier

2. Best for Kids: Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Kids love playing in the pool, but if you do not have one, this Intex Inflatable Play Center will give them a similar, if not better, experience. The play center includes several games for them to play as it has a water slide, water sprayer, wading water, and ring toss games.

You can easily connect the built-in sprayer to a garden hose to allow kids to have fun, and when you buy the pool, you also get 6 balls to add to the fun. What’s more, you can be sure your kids will be playing safely and comfortably as the pool also includes a landing mat to provide extra cushioning.

Draining the water should be quick and easy after playtime, as the pool includes a drain plug. Additionally, you can repair any punctures quickly and you will also get a free repair patch kit.

With a capacity of just 77 gallons, this pool seems a little on the smaller side. However, it still has more than enough space for at least a couple of kids to play. Also, the sprayer section seems to wobble a little, but it is still quite fun for the little ones.


  • Colorful and with several games for kids
  • Easy to drain water
  • Includes a landing mat for extra padding and safety
  • Free repair kit included


  • A little on the smaller side
  • The sprayer part wobbles a little

3. Best for the Family: Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Intex Prism Frame Premium Pool is the perfect size for a family and when you have a few friends over. But, it is still a compact enough swimming pool that can easily fit most modern yards.

The overall construction of the pool will also not disappoint. It includes a heavy-duty steel tube frame that provides extra stability and durability. Also, the pool uses a premium-grade material that is tear-resistant and can withstand the elements and heavy usage.

Many users will also love this pool’s appearance as it comes in some attractive colors and has a stylish and clean finish.

This pool does not come with a pump, which is a significant drawback for some potential buyers. However, pumps are easy to get, and there are many affordable models out there.


  • Ideal size for families
  • Stable and durable steel tube frame
  • High-quality and tear-resistant material
  • Compact enough to fit most backyards


  • Pump not included

4. Best Inflatable: Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

If you prefer inflatable Intex pools, this model will be a fantastic choice. One of its key highlights is the beautiful transparent design that adds extra elegance to your yard.

The inflatable swimming pool includes a comfortable backrest and a cushiony bench that provide a nice sitting area as you enjoy the water on a hot summer day. Better yet, the design includes a couple of cup holders to allow you to keep your drinks closer.

There is also a drain plug on this pool, which will ensure you have an easy time emptying the pool after the user. What’s more, when you buy the pool, you will also get a free repair kit to make maintenance easy for you.

One notable drawback is that the cup holders seem relatively shallow, but the good news is that they are still functional and practical.


  • Comfortable sitting area
  • Pleasant, transparent design
  • Includes some handy cup holders
  • Drain plug included


  • Shallow cup holders

5. Intex Easy Set Up Pool

The Intex Easy Set Up Pool is the inflatable pool you need if you do not want to waste time with the setup. It is almost effortless to set up, and you should have it ready to fill up in just 15 minutes without having to use any special tools.

With this pool, you can also be sure of long-lasting service as it features a 3-layer construction that includes two layers of PVC and an inner polyester mesh. The multi-layer construction provides extra strength and durability.

Emptying this pool will also never be an issue as it includes a convenient drain plug. Moreover, maintenance should also be a breeze as Intex provides a free maintenance DVD that will explain everything you need to do.

The few disadvantages of this Intex pool are that it takes quite some time to fill up and does not come with a filter pump. However, the fill-up speed largely depends on your water pressure, and for its price, it is hard to get a model that comes with a filter pump.


  • Easy setup with no tools needed
  • Simple drain with the included drain hole
  • Solid and durable sidewalls
  • Comes with a free maintenance DVD


  • Does not comes with a filter pump
  • Takes several hours to fill up

6. Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool is a highly convenient pool for kids that does not require any assembly. You only need to lay it out and add water for the kids to start enjoying it.

The 3-ring design makes this pool highly stable, and you can be sure it will keep its shape once you fill it with water. Also, it is a safe pool for kids as young as two years as there will only be a few inches of water in there.

Overall, this pool is relatively straightforward to maintain, as there is nothing to do besides keeping it clean. Additionally, it comes with a free repair kit that will allow you to patch up holes fast.

While there is no drain plug at the bottom of this Intex pool, this should not be a deal-breaker as it is still easy enough to empty since it will not hold a lot of water.


  • No assembly needed
  • Highly stable design
  • Easy maintenance with the included kit
  • Just the right amount of water for kids


  • No bottom drain plug

7. Intex Mini Frame Pool

With the solid alloy steel frame on the Intex Mini Frame Pool, you can be sure it will hold up well and serve you for many years to come. This frame also keeps everything together to ensure the pool does not cave in as kids are playing.

The frame includes some foam padding to provide extra comfort for the swimmer as they do not have to rest their heads on the hard metal surface.

Setting up the pool should be pretty straightforward as there is nothing much to do besides snapping the metal frame in place. Also, you can be sure of an easy time when it is time to empty the pool as there is a drain plug.

If the pool’s fabric gets punctured, you should also not have any difficulties repairing the holes, as you also get a free repair patch kit with your purchase.

Although this pool holds just 89 gallons of water, there should still be enough water in there for splashing around or cooling off, which is its primary purpose.


  • Solid alloy steel frame for a long service life
  • Easy to repair with the provided patch kit
  • Extra comfort with foam padding
  • Quick and easy water draining


  • Small water capacity

Guide to Buy the Best Intex Pool

1. Intex Pool Types

Intex offers a vast selection of above ground swimming pools, and they seem to have something for everyone. However, here are some of their most common types.

Inflatable Pools 

The inflatable pools are the cheapest type you can get from Intex. They are typically small and hardly go beyond 8 feet long as they are meant to be portable for use in different locations.

These pools are the easiest to set up, and most will not require you to install a filter pump. However, inflatable Intex pools are not very durable.

Children’s Pools

Intex has a particular type of pool specifically for children, such as the Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center. These are the smallest pool that the company makes, and they often come in fun colors and playful designs that kids will love.

Most Intex children’s pools are inflatable to ensure quick and easy setup. Some will also include other things like a water sprayer and slide for extra fun.

Metal Frame Pools

With the metal frame Intex pool, you get a more solid above ground swimming pool. These swimming pools usually have a heavy-duty vinyl or PVC liner and are sturdier and more durable than the inflatable types.

Metal frame pools are also easy to put together, just like most other Intex pool types. However, these are more expensive pool types.

2. Build Materials Pool Size

Intex makes most of its pools with heavy-duty materials, but it is still essential to look at the fabric of the specific model you intend to buy.

Vinyl is the most common material for these pools, and when deciding what to buy, you should make sure the material is thick and flexible enough.

Also, if you are going for models with a metal frame like the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set, make sure the metal is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

3. Included Accessories

Like most other pool types, you need certain accessories to enhance your swimming pool experience when using an Intex pool.

A good Intex pool should have essential accessories like a pump filter, ladder, pool cover, and maintenance kit. Additionally, if you buy a children’s pool, some pool games like a slide, water sprayer, and ring toss will make the pool even better.

4. Ease of Setup

One of the best things about Intex pools is that most are super easy to set up and install. Whether you go for an inflatable or metal frame pool, you can be sure of an easy time setting it up.

That said, inflatable pools from the company will give you the easiest time when setting up. These pools only require you to inflate the top rings to take shape, and they will be ready to fill up and start using.

Metal frame Intex pools take some extra time and effort to set up as you need to join the different pieces together. With these pools, the important thing is to make sure what you buy comes with all the parts and hardware you need to ensure easy setup.

5. Price

The price of Intex pools varies a lot. You can get one for as little as $10 or as much as $1,500 or even more. Therefore, the best idea is to choose something that suits your budget.

The inflatable and children’s pools are the cheapest, but their price varies according to the size and materials.

You can get small and medium-sized inflatable pools for $10 to $500, while a large metal frame Intex pool will cost upwards of $800. Hence, Intex has something for everyone, so it is up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend.

Bottom Line 

Intex makes some of the best above-ground pools out there, and you can trust them to have something for you regardless of your preferences.

If you plan to add one of their pools to your yard, the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set is our top overall recommendation. This pool is ultra-durable, and spacious and comes with everything you need, including a pump and ladder.

However, if you are looking for something budget-friendly for kids to play in, the Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is our recommendation. This kid’s pool will allow them to enjoy the water and play several games.

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