5 Top Rated Safest Liquid Pool Cover Reviews [Pros and Cons]

As a pool owner, you will be in constant battle with the elements as you try to keep your swimming pool functional for most of the year. The good news is that there are many affordable solutions, such as investing in the best liquid pool cover.

Liquid pool covers create a molecular barrier over the water surface that helps trap heat and minimize water evaporation. They are also easy to use and convenient pool covers that allow swimmers to continue using the pool without removing them.

If you want to give liquid pool cover a try, our review of 5 top-rated liquid pool covers and buying guide will make it easier to decide what to buy.

5 Best Liquid Pool Covers – Review

1. Best Overall: SunHeater Shield Liquid Solar Blanket

The SunHeater Shield takes our top overall spot as it is a safe and non-toxic liquid pool cover that effectively prevents heat and chemical loss and saves you a lot of cash.

All the ingredients used will be safe for both swimmers and swimming pool fixtures. What’s more, the formula is 100% odor-free to ensure you will hardly ever notice it when in the pool.

Overall, this is an easy-to-use liquid solar blanket. It comes in an easy-pour bottle that includes volume marks to make adding it to the pool a breeze. You only need to add 4 ounces for every 20,000 gallons of water, and you can even pour it directly into the pool.

Pool owners will also love that the formula supports full sun exposure, as this means your pool still has adequate protection no matter how intense the sun gets.

The only drawback with this liquid pool cover is that you have to use it more often for the best results. However, it is pretty affordable, so this should not be an issue for most pool owners.


  • Does not harm swimmers or pool fixtures
  • Saves you a lot of money
  • Easy and convenient pouring
  • Completely odor-free


  • Requires more frequent use

2. Best Value for Money: Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket

If you are looking for something that will give you good value for money, the Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket is the right choice for you on our liquid pool cover review. It comes at a smaller price tag per bottle and is highly effective at pool protection.

With this liquid pool cover, you can reduce water evaporation by up to 50%, and you get up to 40% savings in energy costs as it helps minimize heat loss.

You can use this liquid pool cover on all pool sizes and shapes. What’s more, it is safe for swimmers, and it does not include any ingredient that can harm your pool fixtures or affect the water chemistry by altering pH, alkalinity, or chlorine levels.

Some pool owners will not like that they have to add this liquid cover every day. However, it is easy to use and affordable, which should make up for this inconvenience. Also, the usage directions are unclear for specific pool types like above-ground pools, but this is easy to figure out.


  • Offers excellent value for money
  • High evaporation reduction rate
  • Works for all pool types
  • Safe for all swimmers and does not affect pool chemistry


  • Daily use requirements can be inconvenient
  • Usage directions could be better

3. Best for Reducing Evaporation: Lo-Chlor Liquid Biodegradable Protective Pool Barrier Cover

Pool owners looking to conserve as much water as possible should give this Lo-Chlor liquid cover a try. It reduces water evaporation by at least 40%, and it is also highly effective at minimizing heat loss, hence helping extend your swimming season significantly.

This cover is safe for the swimmers, pool, and environment as the ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable.

You will also not need to use a lot of it as just 3 fluid ounces is enough for your 15,000-gallon pool, and you will only need to add it once every week. Also, you can use this liquid cover with all swimming pool sanitizing systems.

One notable drawback with this pool cover is the bottle design. Although it could be better to make pouring easier and prevent leakage, this should not be a deal-breaker.


  • Helps conserve more water
  • Safe for the swimmers, pool, and environment
  • A little of it goes a long way
  • Compatible with any sanitization method


  • Bottle design could be better

4. Natural Chemistry Liquid Solar Blanket

With the advanced mono-layer technology, the Natural Chemistry Liquid Solar Blanket is highly effective at conserving water and money as it minimizes evaporation and heat loss.

Also, the invisible barrier that it creates maintains an excellent surface tension and will remain pH neutral in all weather conditions.

You can use this liquid pool cover on all pool types as it works well with any sanitization system from chlorine to bromine and saltwater systems.

What’s more, the cover requires less frequent application as you only need to add it once a week. The application is also more flexible as you can add it to the skimmer or broadcast it on the pool.

The bottle design could do with some improvement to make pouring even easier. However, this is a minor issue that should not be a deal-breaker.


  • Advanced technology decreases heat loss and evaporation
  • Safe for use on all swimming pool
  • Requires less frequent application
  • Remains pH neutral


  • Bottle design needs improvement

5. Pool Basics Heat Trapper Pool Solar Blanket 

You will only need to add 4 fluid ounces of this Pool Basics solar blanket to your 15,000-gallon pool every 2 weeks, which makes it more long-lasting than most other options out there. Therefore, the 32-ounce bottle should last several months.

Besides being long-lasting, this solar blanket will also increase your swimming season significantly. Also, it reduces the pool maintenance costs by minimizing evaporation and the loss of both heat and pool chemicals.

For a 32-ounce bottle, this liquid cover is one of the cheapest on our list, and pool owners will also love that the bottle makes pouring easy.

You can only get this liquid pool cover in just one size option, which is the 1-quart/32-ounce bottle. However, this should not be a big concern if you need more, as the manufacturer also provides it in value bundles like the 4-pack Pool Basics 2706PB-04.


  • Lasts longer to ensure less frequent application
  • Increases the swimming season significantly
  • Greatly minimizes heat loss and evaporation
  • Relatively more affordable


  • One size option

Guide to Buy the Best Liquid Pool Cover

1. Pool Compatibility

Any liquid pool cover you choose needs to be compatible with your swimming pool. Here the most crucial factor to consider is whether it can work with your sanitization system.

Although a good liquid pool cover will work for bromine, chlorine, and saltwater systems, some are for specific systems only. It is essential to check compatibility to ensure the product does not include any ingredient that can react with your pool sanitizer and cause problems.

2. Ingredients

Besides pool compatibility, it is vital to carefully look at the list of ingredients to ensure there is nothing harmful to the swimmers or the pool fixtures there.

Also, like with any other product, some ingredients might react with some people’s skin or cause other issues. Additionally, it is always best to buy something that does not include anything harmful to the environment.

That said, you are always better off sticking with something non-toxic and biodegradable like Lo-Chlor Liquid Biodegradable Pool Cover.

3. Ease of Use

Although liquid pool covers are easier to use than traditional plastic pool covers, the ease of use still varies from one type to another.

Whatever you choose should be straightforward to use. You should not have to follow several steps, mix it with additional chemicals or use special tools when adding the product to your pool.

Liquid pool covers that allow you to either add them to the skimmer or directly to the pool will give you an easier time.

4. Application Frequency

The application frequency determines the convenience of the liquid pool cover you choose. It is always best to go for something that requires less frequent application as this also ensures you do not use a lot of it, hence saving more money and time.

Most of these products will require application at least once every week. However, there are a few that you will only need to apply once every 2 weeks, while a majority require a daily or weekly application. It is up to you to decide what is most convenient for you.

Pool Basics Heat Trapper Pool Solar Blanket is a perfect option if you prefer something for bi-weekly application. At the same time, the Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket is ideal if you do not mind daily application.


Q: Does liquid pool cover really work?

Yes, liquid cover work and they are multifunctional as they help prevent heat from escaping, minimize evaporation and prevent chemical loss. However, most types are only 50% to 75% as effective as regular solar blankets, and they will not be beneficial against heavy wind and rainstorms.

Q: How long does liquid pool cover last?

It depends on how often you use the cover, your pool size, and the quality of the specific product you buy. However, you should be able to get at least two months of service from a 32-fluid ounce bottle if you use around 4 fluid ounces per week. Also, the types that require addition once every week will last longer than those you have to add daily.

Q: Is liquid pool cover safe?

Yes, it is a safe product, and swimmers can still use the swimming pool even when you have the liquid pool cover in the water. You should also not worry if you swallow a tiny amount of water when swimming. Also, pets should still be okay in case they drink water from the pool. However, it is crucial to ensure that kids or pets do not ingest the pool water as there are many other chemicals in there that can be harmful.

Q: What is in liquid pool cover?

Liquid pool covers are made from aliphatic alcohol components and calcium hydroxide. The compound is just one molecule thick, which means it will not leave any residue. When you add it to the pool, it forms a thin layer that sits on top of the water. Given that the layer is one molecule thick, you cannot see it, nor can you feel it.

Q: Does leaving a pool cover on cause algae?

No, simply leaving a pool cover will not cause the algae to grow in your pool. However, it can sometimes contribute indirectly. For example, any water trapped above the cover will not circulate through the pool’s filtration system, and so it will be easier for algae to grow in it. Additionally, a pool cover can sometimes accelerate algae growth by warming up the water as this creates a conducive habitat.

Q: When should we use liquid pool cover?

Liquid pool covers will work well in all weather conditions but are best for use under sunny and calm weather. They are not ideal for use under heavy rainfall and during storms as both weather conditions will create holes on the cover and hence allow heat to escape. You should also avoid using liquid pool cover when there are strong winds as they will blow it to one side, leaving a large area of the pool exposed.


Liquid pool covers provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use option for minimizing heat and chemical loss while also preventing evaporation. However, you need to choose the best liquid pool cover to ensure maximum protection.

From our review, the SunHeater Shield Liquid Solar Blanket is our top overall recommendation. It is a safe, non-toxic product that is easy to use and ensures maximum chemical loss prevention.

That said, for pool owners looking for something that will give them the best value for money, the Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket is an excellent choice as it is more affordable and highly effective.

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