7 Top Rated Pool Alarms for Inground Pools & Above Ground Pools

It is crucial to have an extra layer of security for your swimming pool and not just rely on pool fences and covers. A pool alarm system provides just that.

With the best pool alarm, you get instant alerts if there is unsanctioned access to the pool area or accidental submersion. Given the crucial role this alarm plays, you should never settle for anything short of the best.

Finding a good one requires you to consider several factors, from the type to the ease of use. Here we explain these factors and review some top-rated pool alarms to ensure you have an easy time deciding which one to buy.

7 Best Pool Alarms – Review

1. Best Overall: Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

  • Type: In Pool Alarm               
  • Range: 200 feet
  • Sound Output: 85 dB

The Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm is our best overall product as it is an alarm you can rely on to provide that extra layer of security you desire.

It allows for sensitivity adjustment to ensure there are fewer false alerts and the sound output is at least 85 dB to ensure you can hear it from far.

You can use this alarm system for all swimming pool types, sizes and shapes. Better still, it can also work for other things like spas.

There is nothing much to do for the installation, as the process is relatively straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Also, installing it will not damage your pool in any way. Moreover, the receiver is in-house and has a 200-feet range to ensure you never miss an alert.

Although this pool alarm is a little pricey when you compare it to others on our list, the peace of mind it gives you and the fact that it works better than most out there makes it worth every buck.


  • Minimal false alarms with adjustable sensitivity
  • Straightforward installation without damaging pool
  • Suitable for all pool shapes, types and sizes
  • An in-house receiver ensures you never miss an alarm


  • A little pricey

2. Best Budget: Wsdcam Wireless Door Alarm

  • Type: Door Alarm                  
  • Sound Output: 105 dB

Wsdcam Wireless Door Alarm is a good fit for pool owners shopping for a reliable pool door alarm on a tight budget as it is a more affordable model.

Despite being a budget alarm, it still offers most of the functionalities you get from other more expensive options. The functionalities include programmability for customizing the alarm to suit your specific situation and convenient remote control.

You can be sure of never missing the alarm as it has a high enough sound rating of up to 105 dB. What’s more, the installation process is a breeze as you only need to peel the backing on the alarm to expose the adhesive before sticking it on the door.

One annoyance with this alarm is that it seems a little too loud when arming or disarming, but this is a minor issue you can overlook for its price.


  • Relatively more affordable
  • Easy control via remote
  • Higher enough sound output
  • Easy peel and stick installation


  • A little too loud when arming/disarming

3. Best Wearable Immersion Alarm: Safety Turtle New 2.0 Immersion Pool Alarm Kit

  • Type: Wearable Immersion Alarm     
  • Range: 200 feet

If you want some peace of mind when your kids are playing in or around the pool, this alarm kit from Safety Turtle is a must-have for you. The kit includes the base alarm, wristband and USB charger, which is everything you need to use the alarm.

You will not need to do any programming when setting up this kit, and there is no complicated wiring to do, making it a plug-and-play device. This design also makes it easy to carry and use to keep the little one safe during vacations.

The included wristband looks cute, and it is also quite comfortable for the little ones to wear. Also, the band is easy to secure on the hand, thanks to the latch and pull mechanism. What’s more, you can use the base alarm with countless of these wristbands.

At first, the closing mechanism will give you a hard time when getting the bracelets on the kids, which can be frustrating. However, things should be easier once you figure out how the clasping system works.


  • Simple setup with no programming needed
  • Wristband looks cute and is comfortable on the hand
  • The system can accommodate countless wristbands
  • Easy to carry for vacations


  • Can be a little complicated to put on at first

4. Best Door Alarm: Techko S189 Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm

  • Type: Door Alarm                  
  • Sound Output: 100-110 dB

If you want to know when your kids and pets are in the pool area, the Techko S189 Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm is an excellent buy for you. It mounts on the pool fence door to alert you when kids pass through.

The slim profile of this pool alarm will ensure that it sits flush on any pool fence door and will not affect the aesthetic appeal or add any unnecessary weight to more delicate doors.

Also, the alarm is hard to miss from anywhere in your compound as it has a higher output of between 100 and 110 dB, which is one of the highest you can get from most pool alarms.

Adults can still access the pool area without difficulties or triggering the alarm as there are two convenient bypass buttons. What’s more, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality product as it comes with ETL listing and approval.

Some of the gripes pool owners might have with this alarm are that the wires seem to get in your way, and installing the second bypass button can be hectic. However, both are minor issues and hence not deal-breakers.


  • The slim profile works for any pool door
  • Louder with a higher noise rating
  • Comes with an ETL approval
  • Convenient adult bypass buttons


  • Wires can get in your way
  • Second bypass button s hectic to install

5. Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

  • Type: In Pool Alarm               
  • Range: 200 feet
  • Sound Output: 85 dB

The Poolguard PGRM-2 provides a perfect solution for pool owners looking for a reliable alarm for their inground pool. With its advanced sensing technology, this pool alarm ensures you never miss anything and minimizes the likelihood of false alarms.

The alarm should be loud enough for use in most homes as it has an 85 dB sound rating. Also, it comes with a convenient in house receiver with a range of up to 200 feet. Therefore, it accommodates those with pools far away from the house.

Installing this pool alarm should be pretty easy as it will wake up automatically and run a system test once you install it, meaning there is nothing much for you to do.

Another feature that many users will love is the audible low battery indicator that ensures you know when the alarm is running out of battery. Additionally, there will also be an alert for the same on the receiver.

Some pool owners will not like that this alarm will always be in the alarm-ready mode since you cannot deactivate it. However, it will not stop you from swimming as it has a sleep mode that you can activate after removing it from the pool when you want to swim.


  • Less likelihood of false alarm with the advanced sensing technology
  • Wakes up automatically after installation
  • Convenient in-house receiver with a long-range
  • Audible low battery indicator


  • Cannot be deactivated

6. Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System

  • Type: In Pool Alarm   

The Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System will give you more control over your pool alarm. It allows you to adjust the sensitivity level from 1 to 8 to minimize false alarms, and you can also dictate the alarm length from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

Additionally, the alarm also includes a smart Bluetooth app that allows you to control the system from your phone and make the setup easy. Furthermore, it comes with everything you need, including the batteries and attachment kit, to ensure the setup is straightforward.

This alarm will not give you any difficulties when you want to swim as it includes a swim mode. The alarm will not go off when you activate the swim mode, but it will reactivate if there is no movement for 10 minutes.

Price is the most significant drawback of this model as it is the priciest on our pool alarm review. However, it will give you value for your money by serving you well and long enough as it is well built and has smart functionalities.


  • Allows you to adjust both sensitivity and alarm length
  • Quick and straightforward installation
  • Easy control via the app
  • Convenient swim mode


  • Quite expensive

7. PoolEye Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm

  • Type: In Pool Alarm               
  • Sound Output: 85 dB

False alarms are among the most annoying things with pool alarms, but they should never be an issue for you with the PoolEye Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm. This alarm uses sub-surface wave detection to ensure that things like wind and rain do not trigger it.

The alarm also includes a switch for adjusting the sensitivity to customize your experience and further decrease the likelihood of getting false alarms.

Installation is relatively straightforward as the pool alarm will come with all the hardware you need, so you only have to mount it under the top ledge on your pool, and it will be ready to use.

You can be sure this alarm will not miss anything as it has a strong sensing capability that allows it to pick up items as small as 15 pounds.

Adjusting the sensitivity might be tricky at first, but things should be easier for you once you figure out the alarm. Also, the directions are a bit misleading in some sections, but this will not affect the ease of installation.


  • Fewer false alarms
  • Straightforward to install as it comes with everything you need
  • Allows you to customize your experience
  • Senses even lightweight and small objects


  • Adjusting sensitivity is a little tricky
  • Directions are a little off

Guide to Buy the Best Pool Alarm

How to Buy the Best Pool Alarm

1. Types of Pool Alarm

Pool alarms will come in several types, so you will first need to decide which works best for you before anything else. All types will give you an extra layer of security for your loved ones, but they work differently. Here are the 4 most common types.

Pool Gate Alarm

If you have a pool fence with a gate, this alarm type will help give you an extra layer of security. The alarm looks more like a traditional house alarm, and it sounds every time the pool fence door is open.

Floating or Surface Wave Detecting Alarm 

These alarms require mounting on the pool deck for those that have inground pool types. They use a motion sensor to detect unusual waves in the water, triggering the alarm to go off.

Immersion or User Entry Alarms

The immersion alarms are two-piece alarms that will consist of a wristband and the main unit. They are ideal for keeping kids safe when swimming.

When the child submerges in water, the wristband sends a signal to the main unit, sounding the alarm.

Subsurface Alarms

The subsurface detection alarm is fantastic if you prefer something more advanced that will not miss any accidental submersion.

Instead of relying on waves, these alarms use pressure sensors to detect changes in water pressure when someone or something submerges in water.

2. Sound Quality and Volume

No matter how good an alarm might be, you need to hear it when it goes off. Otherwise, it will not be of any use to you. Therefore, when choosing a pool alarm, make sure it has good sound quality and is loud enough.

Look at the alarm’s noise rating to determine whether you will be able to hear it or not. Here, whatever you choose should have a rating of at least 85 dB. Something with an output of up to 110 dB like the Techko S189 Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm is even better as it is hard to miss.

3. Range

The range is another crucial factor to consider, and this is more so if you are buying the models that come with a receiver.

These receivers only work within a specific range, so if the distance between your house and the pool is longer than the range, you cannot use the alarm effectively.

It is always best to go for an alarm system with the longest range possible. Range varies from one model to the other, but something with a range of up to 200 feet like the Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm should be good enough.

4. Ease of Use

Any pool alarm you choose needs to be easy to operate. Ease of use becomes even more critical if you are buying the pool alarm for kids as you want to make sure they can quickly turn it on when they are going for a swim.

Also, the alarm should be quick and easy to install and set up, as you do not want to call in a professional to install something as simple as this.

Bottom Line 

If you are in the market for the best pool alarm, you now only need to decide what type you want and pick one from our review above.

From this list, the Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm is our best overall pool alarm as it works for all pools, is easy to install, and offers many other impressive functionalities like adjustable sensitivity.

However, if you are on a tight budget, the Wsdcam Wireless Door Alarm is a more budget-friendly option that offers a high sound output and remote control.

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