Best Pool Brush for Above Ground Pool & Inground Pool [Top 8 Picks]

A pool brush is an essential tool for pool maintenance. With the best pool brush, you have an effective solution for scrubbing out the stubborn stains and algae from your pool walls and floor.

As handy as pool brushes might be, it is not always easy to find the right one for your pool. However, choosing a pool brush only requires understanding the factors that define a good one, such as the material, size, and pool compatibility.

In this article, we help make it easier to choose the right pool brush with a buying guide that explains what to consider and a review of some top models to give you recommendations.

8 Best Pool Brushes – Review 

1. Best Overall: Greenco 20-Inch Floor & Wall Pool Brush

The Greenco 20-Inch Floor & Wall Pool Brush is our top overall brush as it will make cleaning your pool quick and easy, is made to last, and allows you to clean all the hard-to-reach places in the pool.

It has an extra-wide 20-inch cleaning head that covers large areas with every pass to ensure you finish the job faster than you would with smaller brushes. Also, the head is curved on the edges to make it easy to clean pool corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

With the aluminum reinforced back, this brush is also sturdier and will serve you well for a long time. What’s more, the pool brush uses soft bristles that are gentle enough on any pool finish, and it will also clip onto standard poles quickly.

The soft bristles are gentle on any pool finish, but they will not be abrasive enough for scrubbing off tough stains or algae. However, they are still excellent for regular pool cleanups.


  • Covers a broader area to speed up cleaning
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Allows you to scrub hard to reach areas
  • Easily clips on standard size poles


  • Bristles are not abrasive enough for tough stains

2. Best Durable: Poolmaster Floor & Wall Pool Brush

If you do not plan to buy another pool brush for many years to come, the Poolmaster Floor & Wall Pool Brush is an excellent choice as it will last a long time. Its durability stems from the heavy-duty die-cast aluminum back and handle.

Also, this pool floor and wall brush has stainless steel bristles. These bristles are highly durable and will be more effective at scrubbing tough pool stains and removing algae. This brush cleans most flat and wide pool surfaces quickly, and you will not need to scrub them a lot.

Attaching this brush to a pole should also not give you any difficulties, as it includes some attachment pins that will quickly lock onto a standard pole.

You can only use this pool brush for hard surfaces, and it seems to struggle cleaning corners. However, a straight body brush with stainless steel bristles is not meant for soft surfaces like fiberglass or cleaning corners, so both issues are still not deal-breakers.


  • Highly durable materials
  • Scrubs of the toughest stains
  • Works well for broad, flat pool surfaces
  • Easy pole attachment with included attaching pins


  • Suitable for hard pool surfaces only
  • Struggles a little cleaning corners

3. Best for the Money: U.S. Pool Supply 20″ Flexible Floor & Wall Pool Brush

This U.S Pool Supply pool brush offers the best value for money on our list. It is an extra-wide 20-inch pool brush made from heavy-duty materials, including an aluminum reinforced back, and it comes at an unbeatable price tag.

With the extra-wide head and 5 to 7 rows of nylon bristles, this brush will ensure you clean the swimming pool super-fast as it covers large areas with every pass. Besides the fantastic quality, the nylon bristles are also gentle enough on any pool surface.

Attaching the pole should be easy and safe with no pinching, as this brush includes user-friendly EZ clip buttons. What’s more, the head can work with all standard 1.25-inch pool brush poles.

The nylon bristles seem to shed a little. However, this will not affect the value you get from this brush, as it will be many seasons before it is unusable.


  • Good value for money
  • Ensures super-fast pool cleaning
  • Easy and safe pole attachment
  • High-quality nylon bristles


  • Bristles start falling off at some point

4. Best for Pool Corner & Steps: PoolWhale Pool Step & Corner Brush

Corners and pool steps are the most challenging parts to clean in your swimming pool. However, the task is more hassle-free with PoolWhale Pool Step & Corner Brush as it is purposely built for this.

The pool brush includes a convenient 180-degree rotating handle that makes it easy to get into these tight spaces.

Also, the brush includes tough nylon fibers that will make scrubbing easy and round finishing on the edges for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and ensuring it does not damage the pool liner.

The EZ clip will make it easy to attach a long pool cleaning pole, making this brush ideal for cleaning deeper areas like the floors.

For its size, this brush seems a little pricier. However, the service it gives you makes it worth the extra cost. Also, the small size leaves little room for a pole, minimizing the types and size you can use, but it should still work with most standard 1.25-inch ones out there.


  • Hassle-free corner and steps cleaning
  • Tough fibers for easy scrubbing
  • Connects quickly with pool cleaning poles
  • Convenient 180-degree rotating angle


  • A little pricier
  • Limited pole compatibility

5. Aquatix Pro Heavy Duty Pool Brush

Aquatix Pro Heavy Duty Pool Brush is a small enough brush that will get into tight corners and other hard-to-reach places to ensure you clean every part of the swimming.

The brush is also made to offer you a long service life as it features a solid ABS plastic body, aluminum handle, and stainless steel bristles. The stainless steel bristles make it easy to scrub your pool thoroughly to eliminate stains and algae.

With the EZ clips on the handle, this pool brush makes it easy to attach the handle. What’s more, you can use the brush with most standard 1.25-inch poles.

One gripe that pool owners seem to have with this pool brush is that it sheds bristles a little when scrubbing. However, the shedding is not as much as other models out there.


  • Gets into tight areas with ease
  • Tough and more effective bristles
  • Easy pole attachment
  • Premium quality handle and body


  • Bristles shed a little when scrubbing

6. The Wall Whale Classic WW18Res 18″ Swimming Pool Brush

With the inclusion of a tail wall on this classic pool brush, it will be more effective at scrubbing your pool walls. The tail will create more pressure to enhance the scrubbing motion, and you can also adjust its angle to suit all your brushing needs.

Besides the tail, the brush will include heavy-duty nylon bristles that will clean well and are still gentle enough for surfaces like fiberglass and vinyl.

Convenience is also at the heart of the design as the brush attaches quickly to other pool cleaning fixtures and equipment like poles, hoses, filters, pumps, and motors.

The metal components on this pool brush are not rust-resistant, and so if you do not take proper care of the brush, it will rust quickly. However, provided you rinse and dry it, you never have to worry about rusting. Its cleaning surface could also be a little thicker, but it still does a fantastic job.


  • Include a convenient tail for enhancing performance
  • High-quality bristles
  • Attaches easily to other pool cleaning equipment
  • Fast and thorough cleaning


  • Metal components are not rust-resistant
  • Brush could be thicker

7. Milliard Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Pool Brush

The Milliard Heavy Duty Pool Brush has a perfect 45-degree handle that will give it an ideal position to ensure easy pushing for more effective cleaning.

Besides the pool walls and floors, this versatile pool brush helps clean other things like walkways. Also, it uses some heavy-duty stainless steel wire bristles that will make it perfect for removing stubborn stains from gunite and concrete pool surfaces.

In addition to the tough stainless steel bristles, this pool brush also has a heavy-duty ABS plastic body and a durable aluminum handle to ensure you get long-lasting performance. You should also not have any issues attaching a pole as the handle will work with most 1.25-inch poles.

One concern with this pool brush is that it is covered with oil when new, which can leave your water oily and dirty. However, the manufacturer provides a clear warning that you need to clean it before use.


  • Angled perfectly for easy pushing
  • Suitable for a wide variety of uses
  • Great for scrubbing off tough stains
  • Highly durable body and handle


  • Bristles are covered with oil when new

8. Urchindj Heavy Duty Pool Brush

Urchindj Heavy Duty Pool Brush

Urchindj Heavy Duty Pool Brush is a heavy-duty pool brush that will provide an effective solution for cleaning your pool for many seasons to come.

It has an integrated aluminum structure that gives it extra strength and features ABS plastic housing and high-density nylon bristles to ensure long service life.

With the inclusion of a user-friendly handle angled at 45 degrees, this brush gives you an ideal position for easy pushing when cleaning.

The 17.5-inch head offers a broad sweep for faster cleaning and includes round finishing edges to protect delicate pool liners. What’s more, it is ideal for multi-scene cleaning as you can use it to clean pool walls, steps, floors, and corners.

Like most other pool brushes with nylon bristles, this one seems to shed some as it starts aging. But, given how well it cleans and its build quality, this is a minor issue that should not stop you from giving it a try.


  • Superior strength and durability
  • Handle design ensures easy pushing
  • Safe for all pool liners
  • Suitable for multi-scene pool cleaning


  • Sheds bristles as it ages

Guide to Buy the Best Pool Brush 

1. Brush Materials

The brush materials should always be the first thing you consider when deciding what pool brush to get. Material affects everything from the effectiveness of the brush in cleaning the pool to its durability.

When it comes to materials, you will need to consider both the bristle and head material. For the bristles, you will often need to choose between poly, nylon, and stainless steel. Each has its merits and drawbacks. Also, different materials will be suitable for different pool types.

For example, stainless steel bristles like what you get on the Poolmaster Floor & Wall Pool Brush are the most durable and can remove the toughest stains. However, stainless steel bristles often damage delicate pool finishes. Soft nylon bristles, on the other hand, are gentle enough for all finishes.

When it comes to the brush head, you have to make sure the material is rigid enough not to bend or break as you apply pressure when scrubbing. Some of the best pool brush head materials are heavy gauge ABS plastic and aluminum.

2. Size

The brush size also matters as it determines how much area you can clean in one swoop and the time it takes to clean the entire pool.

Most swimming pool brushes will be between 10 and 20 inches wide, so it is up to you to decide the size that works best for you.

Also, there are some smaller ones like the 5-inch Aquatix Pro Heavy Duty Pool Brush. These small pool brushes will be ideal for those with small swimming pools and also or cleaning pool steps and hard to reach areas like corners

3. Pool Compatibility

Any pool brush you choose needs to be compatible with your swimming pool. Here compatibility means it should be suitable for the specific finish you have and pool shape.

If you have the more delicate fiberglass pool or a vinyl finish, you need a brush with soft nylon or vinyl bristles. However, for concrete, gunite, and plaster pool finishes, stainless steel bristles are the best.

When it comes to the pool shape, the flat, rectangular brushes are the best for square or rectangular pool types, while those with lots of curves are perfect for round pools.

4. Pole Attachment

Most pool brushes will not come with poles. Therefore, you need to keep the pole attachment in mind when deciding which one to buy.

The size and design of the pole attachment mechanism on the pool brush should be compatible with the pole you have.

Remember that you will need to replace the brush more often than the pole. Therefore, you do not want to buy a new pole every time you get a new pool brush.

Bottom Line 

There is no doubt that you need the best pool brush to keep your pool clean and algae-free. With our product review and guide above finding, one should now be hassle-free.

Although every model on the list cleans well and is durable enough, the Greenco 20-Inch Floor & Wall Pool Brush is our best overall. The brush includes an extra-wide head that cleans fast, can get to the hard-to-reach areas, and is highly durable.

However, if you are looking for a brush that gives you good value for money, go for the U.S. Pool Supply 20″ Flexible Floor & Wall Pool Brush. For a 20-inch heavy-duty pool brush, its price is unbeatable.

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