6 Best Pool Deck Paint Colors [Pros & Cons]

An old and weather-beaten pool deck is unsightly and unsettling as it also makes your backyard space look less elegant. However, you do not have to live with one, as you can quickly give it a nice facelift with the best pool deck paint.

Pool deck paints cover the imperfection in your decks and help protect the material from the elements and the abuse that comes with frequent use by the swimmers.

Since not just any deck paint will work for you, it is essential to make sure you choose wisely by looking at factors like the finish you get, coverage, and ease of application.

The good news is that there are many fantastic pool deck paints out there, and here we review a few of them for recommendations and tell you what to consider when shopping.

6 Best Pool Deck Paints – Review

1. Best Overall: KILZ L378701 Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete Paint

KILZ L378701 Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete Paint is our best overall pool deck paint, and it will be a perfect choice if you have a concrete deck. What makes it our top model is that it leaves a good finish, is easy to apply, and lasts longer.

With a few coats of this deck paint, you end up with a textured and slip-resistant finish. Therefore, it will make your deck safer for the swimmers as they will not skid even when it gets wet.

The paint applies easily on the concrete deck to ensure you spend less time on the job. Also, when you use it, it fills up all the hairline cracks to leave the deck looking new and blemish-free.

You can be sure of maximum deck protection with this paint, as it stands up well against dirt, grease, and hot tires to ensure it lasts longer.

The 50 square foot coverage is relatively small, but this is not a deal-breaker for a premium quality paint that lasts a long time. Also, it is applicable by roller only, but this should not be a concern given that rollers are inexpensive and easy to use.


  • Leaves a slip-resistant finish
  • Applies easily on concrete decks
  • Lasts long and provides maximum protection
  • Fill all the hairline cracks


  • Smaller coverage
  • Applicable by roller only

2. Best for All Deck Types: TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint 

The TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint is for you regardless of your deck type, as it can adhere to any material. You can use it to cover fiberglass, wood, and even metal decks making it very handy to keep around.

With this pool deck paint, you also get a fantastic finish with a perfect texture and low-glare. The rubberized surface is more comfortable and will also be less abrasive. What’s more, the finish is non-skid even when wet to prevent accidental falls.

A little of this deck paint goes a long way, as just one gallon is enough to cover between 250 and 300 square feet. Better still, you will only need a few coats as it does not peel or fade quickly.

The application should also be straightforward as this is a 1-part deck paint that allows you to brush or roll it onto the surface.

Although this pool deck paint seems to take a longer time to dry, the finish you get when you give it enough time to cure makes it worth the wait.


  • Suitable for use on any deck surface
  • Leaves a textured, low-glare finish
  • Simple and quick application
  • Every gallon covers a broader area


  • Relatively longer dry time

3. Encore Coatings Cool Pool Deck Coating 

If you prefer to get a complete kit with everything you need to protect your pool deck, the Encore Coatings Cool Pool Deck Coating is a good buy. The 3-piece set includes a cleaner, coating, and a sealer.

The cleaner allows you to clean and etch your concrete deck in just one step, while the coating enhances the appearance of the surface and minimizes the heat buildup. The sealer protects the deck from elements like sun, snow, rain, and dirt to ensure it does not deteriorate quickly.

Each of these 3-piece kits will provide decent coverage of up to 200 square feet when applying two coats, but the actual cover largely depends on the specific condition of your deck.

Applying it should also be easy as you only need to roll it on the surface with a regular roller. Better still, it cool dries in just 30 minutes to ensure minimal wait between coats.

Since this deck coating is a little too thick, it will dry fast once you mix it, but this should not be a big concern if you work quickly.


  • Comes with everything you need to protect your deck
  • Decent pool deck coverage
  • First coat dries fast
  • Easy application


  • A little too thick

4. Liquid Rubber Smooth Polyurethane Deck and Dock Coating 

With this deck and dock coating by Liquid Rubber, you end up with a high-performing polyurethane coating. The layer is hard enough to ensure maximum protection for your deck and will also last longer.

Additionally, the surface will have superior UV resistance and is waterproof to ensure your deck gets enough protection from the elements.

Besides the high-quality coating, this deck paint can work well for almost any deck out there. It will adhere to different materials like fiberglass, wood, concrete, and wood. You can also cover the surfaces quickly as the paint is applicable by brush, roller, or spray.

This paint will cover just 40 square feet per gallon, which is smaller than most others on our pool deck paint review. However, the paint makes up for this by giving you a long service life to ensure less frequent reapplication.


  • Leaves a high-performing coating
  • Provides better UV stability
  • Works for most deck materials
  • Applies easily with a roller, brush, or spray


  • Smaller coverage per gallon

5. Deck O Seal Gray Deck-O-Seal 4701032

Deck O Seal Gray Deck-O-Seal 4701032 is a premium-grade two-part deck sealant that will be highly effective at protecting your deck. The sealant is self-leveling and pourable to make application easy

You never have to worry about staining the deck or any other surfaces close by as it is non-staining. However, what many pool owners seem to love most about it is that it holds up well against any weather to ensure long-lasting deck protection.

The coating is resistant to most chemicals, is also more resilient, and has superior recovery characteristics to ensure it holds up well against abuse.

With this sealant, you can be sure of getting a more even coating that will stay flexible without getting brittle or cracking due to UV exposure.

Since this sealant is quite thick once you add the two parts, mixing it can be a little hectic. However, with a good wooden stick and some extra elbow grease, you should still be able to do it.


  • Top-quality, self-leveling sealant
  • Holds up well against any weather
  • Coats the surface more evenly
  • Remains flexible throughout


  • Tedious to mix up

6. In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint 

The In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint provides an effective solution for restoring and protecting your concrete decks.

With this pool deck paint, you will end up with a non-slip coating that ensures maximum safety for the swimmers as there is less likelihood of skidding as they get out of the pool.

Since this pool deck will adhere even on a damp surface, you do not have to dry the deck before use, and hence no extra work for you.

After application, it should cure enough overnight, which is faster than most other types out there. Also, this is a more affordable deck paint when you compare it to others on our list.

There are fewer color options, which can be a big concern for those with unique deck colors. Nonetheless, the company provides most of the typical deck color options, so it should still cater to most pool owners.


  • Useful for both concrete restoration and protection
  • Makes the surface non-slip and safer
  • Adheres well even on damp surfaces
  • Cures overnight


  • Few color choices

How to Buy the Best Pool Deck Paint?

How to Buy the Best Pool Deck Paint

1. Deck Paint Type

You can get pool deck paints in several types, and so before you consider any other factor, you have to decide which one will work best for your pool deck. The three main types are water-based, oil-based, and alkyd-based paints.

Water Based Paint

The water-based pool deck paints are the most popular type with homeowners. Many pool owners love that they are less toxic, dry faster, and are also quite affordable.

Water-based paints are available in two variants: acrylic and latex. Acrylic creates a weatherproof finish and provides excellent coverage, while latex paints are safer to use.

Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based deck paints create a super-strong bond with the deck surface and are some of the most durable. They include oil additives that create a waterproof coating that is more effective at keeping out the elements, but they take longer to dry.

Alkyd-Based Paint

Alkyd-based paints are not as common as the two types above, but they provide a more affordable alternative to oil-based deck paints. They contain glycerin, fine sand, resin, oils, and other things like granite, ensuring the coating is more resistant to the elements.

2. Finish Quality

The finish you get varies from one deck paint to the other, but make sure you get a tough and durable finish regardless of what you buy.

Some deck paints like the TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint provide a rugged finish with a low sheen and slip-resistance, which most pool owners prefer.

Since your deck is close to the pool, you also need to make sure your finish is water-resistant and can hold up well against the pool chemicals to ensure maximum durability.

3. Coverage

The larger the area the pool deck paint covers, the more economical it will be for you as you will not need to buy a lot of it even when you want to apply several coats.

A good quality pool deck paint should cover 200 to 300 square feet per gallon, but some can cover an area a little larger than this. However, anything that provides coverage within this range should be good enough.

But, if you are looking for a premium quality deck paint like the Liquid Rubber Smooth Polyurethane Deck Coating, which also provides a tough, non-slip finish, the best you can hope for is to get a 50 square foot coverage per gallon.

4. Ease of Application

Any deck paint you choose needs to give you an easy time when it comes to application, so you do not spend a lot of time on the job.

Those that come as a 1-part paint that does not require mixing are the easiest to apply as there is no extra work to do.

Also, your pool deck paint should give you more application options by allowing you to brush, roll or spray it onto the surface.

5. Color

You should not forget about the color when choosing a pool deck paint. Unless you want to change the deck’s appearance, you need something that matches what you have currently.

The good news is that most paint manufacturers will have deck paint in all the common deck colors, such as gray, tan, beige, and white.

Bottom Line

Any pool owner serious about restoring and protecting their pool surroundings needs to invest in the best pool deck paint. Regardless of your deck type and material, you can be sure there is a good option for you on our list.

From this list, the KILZ L378701 Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete Paint is our top overall recommendation. This top-quality deck paint leaves a durable coating, is easy to apply, and helps repair the surface by filling small cracks.

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