Top 5 Best Pool Leaf Vacuums [Manual & Battery Powered]

If you have trees, bushes, and other plant types close to your swimming pool, chances are you will end up with lots of leaves, twigs, and all kinds of debris in the water.

While there are different ways of removing them, having the best pool leaf vacuum will make the job faster and easier for you.

Pool leaf vacuums will suck up leaves from the bottom of the pool and store them in an attached leaf bag for you to empty later.

These vacuums come in different types and also differ in other factors like suction power. If you are on the lookout for one, our review and buying guide below will help narrow down your options.

5 Best Pool Leaf Vacuums – Review

1. Best Overall: Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

At the top of our list as our best overall pool leaf vacuum is the Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker, as it is durable, powerful, and more convenient to use.

The leaf vacuum has a large and heavy-duty ABS plastic build to ensure it lasts a long time and can withstand abuse and pool chemicals. Also, it provides a more powerful suction thanks to 8 high-pressure water jets at the bottom.

Moving the vacuum around on the pool floor should be easier for you as it includes 4 multidirectional wheels that will allow it to move in any direction you want. What’s more, the vacuum comes with a reusable leaf bag with vacuum rings to hold it in place securely.

You can use this pool leaf vacuum with a standard size garden hose as it includes a quick-disconnect adapter. Also, the unit can work with any standard telescoping pool pole.

The quality of the wheels on this leaf vacuum is not very good. However, they still work well, and for the price, they should not be a big concern.


  • Well-built and durable
  • High-pressure jets provide powerful suction
  • Easy mobility with multidirectional wheels
  • Reusable high-capacity leaf bag


  • Wheels are not very good quality

2. Best Cordless: Pool Blaster Leaf Vacuum

If you do not want to deal with problematic garden hoses, the Pool Blaster Leaf Vacuum will work for you as it is a cordless model. This battery-powered vacuum uses fan blades to suck up the laves, and it provides more suction power.

Moving the leaf vacuum on the pool floor should not take a lot of effort. Like most other models on our pool leaf vacuum review, it includes swiveling wheels that will ensure easy maneuvering.

You can also be sure you will clean the entire pool before you run out of battery as it has a larger capacity battery that can last up to 3 hours. What’s more, you will not need to keep emptying the vacuum as it includes an extra-large reusable leaf bag.

When it comes to pole attachment, this leaf vacuum will give you greater flexibility as you can use it with any telescoping pool handle. Also, it is pretty versatile, as its design and small weight (it weighs around 1.76 pounds) allow you to use it as a pool skimmer.

The drawbacks of this leaf vacuum are that it feels pretty fragile, and the battery compartment is not entirely watertight. However, you can work around both issues by handling the vacuum with extra caution and adding a good-quality rubber gasket.


  • Easy maneuvering
  • Attaches to any telescoping pool pole
  • Lightweight enough for use as a skimmer
  • Large capacity and reusable leaf bag


  • A little fragile
  • Battery compartment is not watertight

3. HydroTools by Swimline Venturi Pool Leaf Bagger

If you are looking for a reliable leaf vacuum to supplement your larger and more powerful pool vacuum cleaner, the HydroTools by Swimline Venturi Pool Leaf Bagger is a fantastic option.

The leaf bagger includes some brushes at the bottom. These brushes ensure it also brushes and cleans the pool floor. What’s more, it has some nice wheels that will make it easier to move around.

With the inclusion of a comfortable handle on the vacuum, it will be easier to handle. Also, it connects easily to a standard garden hose and will work with most telescoping pool poles.

You will also not have any difficulties managing the debris you pick up as the vacuum include a large capacity leaf bag with nylon drawstring to hold it in place securely.

This pool leaf vacuum seems a little too lightweight, which can affect how it sits at the bottom of the pool. However, you can work around this if it is a problem for you by finding something to weigh it down.


  • Efficient cleaning with included brushes
  • Easy mobility as it has some wheels
  • Includes a convenient handle
  • Attaches to regular garden hose


  • A little too lightweight

4. Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister

With the advanced cyclonic technology that you get on the Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister, you can be sure of getting enough power to pick up leaves and other debris with zero clogging.

You can use this pool leaf canister regardless of the suction pool cleaner you have, as it comes in a one-size-fits-all. The canister can work with disc-style and turbine-driven cleaners. What’s more, it comes with adapters to allow for a universal hose connection.

The installation process is straightforward as the canister has some easy connect fittings that ensure you only take a few seconds to have it in place.

Once you finish the job, the easy release twist lock at the top makes emptying the canister and cleaning it a breeze without touching the debris. The canister also has a large capacity to ensure less frequent emptying.

One gripe with this pool leaf vacuum is that its operation depends on your pool cleaner, and so if you do not have a good one, it will not be very useful. However, this should not be the deal-breaker, given its superior overall build and many great features.


  • Powerful and clog-free suction technology
  • One size works for a majority of suction pool cleaner models
  • Straightforward installation and usage
  • Large capacity and easy clean strainer basket


  • Operation largely depends on your pool cleaner

5. Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

The Poolmaster 28316 features a large 15-inch body that allows it to sit flat on the pool floor for efficient cleaning. Its body is also heavy-duty ABS to ensure it will last long enough and hold up well against pool chemicals.

You can be sure of getting more than enough suction power as the unit includes 8 high-pressure jets at the bottom. These jets and the replaceable perimeter brushes ensure more efficient pool bottom cleaning.

Maneuvering the vacuum should not take a lot of effort as it has multidirectional swivel wheels that will allow you to direct it anywhere you want.

Other things that make this leaf vacuum an excellent buy include the sturdy aluminum handle and a mar-proof rubber bumper that will prevent damaging your pool surfaces.

The string lock on the mesh bag does not seem very secure, but you can easily ensure the bag never falls off by using a rubber band or hemostatic clip.


  • Large body ensures it stays on the pool floor
  • Easy to maneuver with swivel wheels
  • Sturdy aluminum handle
  • Replaceable perimeter brushes for extra cleaning


  • String lock on the mesh bag is not very secure.

Guide to Buy the Best Pool Leaf Vacuum

How to Buy the Best Pool Leaf Vacuum

1. Pool Leaf Vacuum Types

You can get pool leaf vacuums in two main types: standard and cordless pool leaf vacuums. Therefore, you should always start by deciding which type will work best for you before anything else, which should be easy if you know what each type is all about.

Standard Leaf Vacuum

The standard leaf vacuum requires connecting to a garden hose to create suction to suck up the leaves. With these leaf vacuums, turning on the water creates the necessary suction to pick up leaves.

Top models like the Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker will work with regular garden hoses. These vacuums also require you to connect a pole for pushing them around and have a mesh bag for holding the leaves.

Standard leaf vacuums have almost zero running costs as they do not use any electricity, and the bags are reusable. However, they often add some water to the pool, which can knock the pool chemistry off balance, meaning more work for you as you have to rebalance it.

Cordless Leaf Vacuum

With cordless leaf vacuums like the Pool Blaster Leaf Vacuum, you do not need to connect a garden hose. Therefore, they will not add any water to the pool, meaning they will not affect the pool chemistry.

These leaf vacuums are battery-powered, and they include fan blades that create the suction power needs to pick up the leaves. However, they often have a limited run time that hardly ever exceeds 2 to 3 hours, and they are costlier to operate.

2. Suction Power

Any pool leaf vacuum you choose needs to have enough suction power. A high suction power ensures the unit can pick leaves fast and not miss any regardless of the size.

The actual suction power you get primarily depends on the type you are using. A standard leaf vacuum often depends on the water pressure you get from your faucet, and the more the pressure, the more suction power you get.

Overall cordless leaf vacuums tend to produce more suction power than standard ones, but the actual strength you get depends on the size of the model you buy and its rating.

3. Pole Length

A pole plays a crucial role when using a leaf vacuum as it allows you to move it around the water as you pick up leaves. Therefore, it needs to be long enough to ensure you get a good reach.

Most models will not include a pole as part of the package, and you have to buy it separately. However, whether the vacuum comes with a pole or not, make sure what you get is telescoping and at least 10 feet long to ensure you can use it on any typical home pool depth.

4. Leaf Bag Size and Quality

The leaf bag holds the debris you collect from your pool, so it is also a crucial element you cannot afford to overlook.

When it comes to the leaf bag, the two most crucial considerations are its size and quality. For its size, you need something with a large enough capacity to ensure you can clean large sections of the pool, if not the entire floor, before having to stop and empty the bag.

The bag also needs to be of good quality to ensure it does not tear under the water and create an even worse mess. Something made with heavy-duty nylon and a secure pull and lock cord will give you the best service.

Bottom Line

With the best pool leaf vacuum, you have an effective solution for eliminating leaves and other debris in the pool water. Regardless of your pool type and size, there is a model that will work well for you in our review above.

For our recommendations, the Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker is our best overall model. It has a large and durable body, powerful jets that provide lots of suction, and easy to maneuver swivel wheels.

However, if you prefer something cordless, go for the Pool Blaster Leaf Vacuum. This model also has swivel wheels for easy maneuverability, longer 3-hour battery life, and comes with an extra-large leaf bag.

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