5 Top Rated Pool Pump Timers for Outdoor and Indoor Usage

A pool pump should run for around 8 hours every day to ensure sufficient water circulation to keep your pool in great shape. However, you might not always remember to switch it on and off every day, but things should be easier for you with the best pool pump timer.

With a good pool pump timer, you can program it to switch on and off at specific times and ensure your pump runs only for the required number of hours every day.

You can get pool timers in different types, and they also differ in other aspects, such as where you can use them (indoor or outdoor), programmability, and ease of installation.

In this article, we review a few top-rated pool pump timers to give you recommendations and also provide a comprehensive buying guide.

5 Best Pool Pump Timers – Review

1. Best Overall: Plusmart Outdoor Lights Timer

Plusmart Outdoor Lights Timer is our best overall pool pump timer as it is well-built, offers greater versatility, is easy to use, and is safer to use than most models out there.

This mechanical timer features a watertight housing that makes it suitable for use even outdoors as it can withstand the elements. Also, it offers versatile functionality. You can use it to control your pump and other things like holiday decorations and fountains.

The timer includes 2-grounded outlets that are pretty convenient, and grounding helps ensure safer operation.

What’s, more the timer is super easy to use as you only need to turn the dial, push pins to set the time, and switch the button to the timer position. You can set up to 48 on/off programs and use the daily repeat feature to ensure you never have to keep resetting the timer.

The instructions are not very good as they seem conflicting in some sections. However, this should not be a big issue as the pump timer is easy to figure out.


  • Works well both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to use design
  • Safer design with grounded outlets
  • Accommodates more programs


  • Instructions are not very good

2. Best for the Money: Woods 50015WD Heavy Duty Digital Plug-in Timer

The Woods 50015WD comes at a good bargain for a digital timer. It will give you the best value for money as it is hard to get something more heavy-duty and feature-rich than this without spending extra money.

One of its main highlights is the up-to-the-minute 7-day programming that will ensure you save even more energy by guaranteeing the pump only runs when it should run. Also, the timer allows you to have different settings for weekdays and weekends.

The heavy-duty build of the timer and weatherproof cover ensure it holds up well to the elements as it will keep out dust, wind, and water. Since the unit also includes a self-charging backup, you never have to worry about losing your settings in case of a power outage as it saves them.

Programming this pool pump timer can seem a little complicated at first, but you should figure it out if you take your time to go through the instructions a few times.


  • Great value for money
  • Up to the minute 7-day programming
  • Holds up well against the elements
  • Self-charging backup retains your settings


  • Programming can be a little complicated

3. Best for Indoor Pools: GE Z-Wave Plus Metal Box Smart Switch

The neat metal box that will complement any indoor space makes the GE Z-Wave Plus Metal Box Smart Switch a good choice for indoor pools. However, the box is still rugged enough and weatherproof for outdoor use.

Another element of this pool pump timer that users will love is that it allows for wireless control from any mobile device and from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can also control it using house assistant technologies like Alexa.

Manual control is also possible and easy if you have issues with the system as there is an on/off manual override switch. One more thing pool owners will love about this timer is that it has easy-access wiring to allow fast and secure connections.  

Compared to other models on our pool pump timer review, this unit seems a little expensive. However, it makes up for the extra bucks by being more feature-rich, durable, and universal.


  • Looks fantastic in an indoor setting
  • Allows for wireless control with any mobile device
  • Easy manual override
  • Fast and secure connections


  • Quite a pricey timer

4. Best for Outdoor Pools: Intermatic P1121 Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer

The Intermatic P1121 is a perfect fit for you if you are looking for something you can use outdoors. Its heavy-duty construction means it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment, and it also has a waterproof case to keep water out.

With the 1 HP motor, this mechanical pool pump timer is also powerful enough to handle most pump filters. However, the timer will also work for other things like holiday lighting, making it highly useful to have around.

You should not have any difficulties setting the timer as it uses a simple dial and pins. However, there is a manual on/off override if you need to change the settings or deactivate the timer.

For those who prefer to run their pump more than once a day, this model caters to you with the two on/off daily settings that you can even increase further by adding more trippers.

The only things that some pool owners might have an issue with are the short cord length and lack of waterproofing at the bottom. However, the cord is okay if you install it near a receptacle or have an extension cord, and the bottom should not be an issue as it is hard for rain to flow in.


  • Very ideal for outdoor use
  • Powerful enough for most filter pumps
  • Allows for easy manual override
  • Supports two on/off daily settings


  • Cord is quite short
  • No waterproofing at the bottom

5. Honeywell TI040 Industrial Indoor and Outdoor Timer

The Honeywell TI040 timer is an ideal model for you, whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor unit. Its sleek box ensures it will look great in indoor spaces, while its heavy-duty and weatherproof casing makes it rugged enough for the outdoors.

Many pool owners will love that this timer provides greater flexibility when it comes to the settings. Users get to pick between daily and weekly programming depending on what they find most convenient.

If you have to override the timer, you should not worry about losing your programming and redo it again as it will not change since the unit has a temporary bypass.

With the 120 or 240 V selectable voltage switch, this timer will work well for any home without having to make adjustments to your electricity supply. Also, this unit has a lockable case to give you an extra layer of security when you leave it outdoors.

Although this timer seems a little pricier given the many affordable options out there, it still comes at a good bargain for an industrial-quality model.


  • Allows for either daily or weekly programming
  • Selectable voltage for use in any home
  • Works well both indoors and outdoors
  • Allows for override with no effect on programming


  • Relatively pricier

Guide to Buy the Best Pool Pump Timer

How to Buy the Best Pool Pump Timer

1. Pool Pump Timer Types

It is always important to first decide the pool pump timer you want before anything else. Although these timers can differ in several aspects, you can categorize most models into mechanical or digital timers.

Mechanical Timer

Mechanical or analog pool timers use the same principle as mechanical clocks. With mechanical timers like Plusmart Outdoor Lights Timer, the dial hits the pump’s on/off buttons at the pre-set time, switching it on or off.

These timers are more affordable, and they are the easiest to use, given their simple design. However, the basic design is also restrictive as it means they will not give you lots of functionalities and require you to make adjustments more often.

Digital Timer

Digital timers come with more advanced functionalities and features, which explains why they are the more popular option of the two types.

You can even manage several other backyard appliances with the same timer besides the pool with a digital timer. Also, some like the GE Z-Wave Plus Metal Box Smart Switch offer wireless control, which allows you to control the pump from almost anywhere.

However, the more advanced features and increased programmability come at an extra cost, as digital timers are more expensive. What’s more, they are more complicated and hence harder to install or adjust.

2. Outdoor or Indoor Usage

You also need to think about where you will be using the pool pump timer before deciding what to buy. It is important to note that some modes are not weatherproof and are for indoors only, while others can work indoors or outdoors.

However, this might not be an issue for those with a pool house as they can use any timer they want since they will not expose it to the elements.

That said, it is always better to go for a timer that can work well both indoors and outdoors to ensure it will still hold up well in case you expose it to the elements or water accidentally.

3. Programmability

A highly programmable pool pump that gives you control over several elements and not just when the pump switch on or off is the best as it makes life easier for you.

When it comes to programmability, a model that allows you to save the settings is always the best, as you will not lose them in case of a power outage. With this function, you will not need to keep resetting the timer.

4. Ease of Installation and Use

A pool pump timer is a simple device that you should install on your own without calling in a technician or even spending the entire weekend doing the job. Hence, the model you pick should be straightforward to install and come with clear directions.

Besides being easy to install, the timer should be easy to use. Manual timers will give you an easy time here as there is nothing much to do. Many digital timers are also reasonably easy to use, but something that comes with a helpful manual is always much better.

5. Other Features

There are some other features that you also need to look at when deciding what timer to buy. The first one is WiFi connectivity to connect your pump with your smartphone or even home assistant technologies like Alexa.

A good pool pump timer should also be energy efficient to ensure it does not add to your energy bills, which you are trying to avoid by automating your pump.

Bottom Line

A pool pump plays a crucial role in keeping your water clean by ensuring adequate circulation, but it can use up a lot of electricity. However, you can quickly reduce its energy bill implication by investing in the best pool pumper timer.

Our review above provides some top-notch recommendations. But, to make your choice an even easier one, the Plusmart Outdoor Lights Timer is our top recommendation, as it supports more programs, is easy to use, and features a watertight construction for outdoor use.

However, the Woods 50015WD Heavy Duty Digital Plug-in Timer will give you the best value for money. It comes at a great bargain for a heavy-duty digital timer with advanced functionalities like minute 7-day programming.

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