7 Best Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets [Inground & Above Ground]

Keeping your pool clean and debris-free is essential if you want to continue enjoying the water. With the best pool skimmer basket, you can quickly ensure this as it helps by making it easy to remove leaves and various other kinds of floating contaminants.

A good pool skimmer basket should come in an ideal size to make trapping contaminants easy and also needs to have a durable material and should be easy to install or use.

If you are looking for a good quality pool skimmer basket, our buying guide and review below will be very helpful as you decide the model to buy.

7 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets – Review

1. Best Overall: Coopache Pool Skimmer Socks

The Coopache Pool Skimmer Socks takes our top spot as these socks will effectively capture all kinds of pool debris, from leaves and bugs to pet hair.

They are also quite versatile as you can use them for both inground and above ground swimming pools. What’s more, they have a universal fit range that makes them suitable for use for any skimmer size and shape.

Installation is straightforward as you only need to stretch the socks over the pool skimmer basket. What’s more, you can be confident of long service life as they feature a premium nylon material.

When the sock is full, it seems to restrict the water flow a little. However, this is an easy issue to work around by ensuring you always empty it on time.


  • Ideal for use on both above and inground pools
  • Highly durable material
  • Straightforward installation
  • Universal design works for all skimmer sizes and shapes


  • Restricts water flow when lined with debris

2. Best Budget: Aladdin Swimming Pool Replacement Skimmer Basket

If you are looking for a skimmer basket that will not cost much but still does a good job trapping the floating debris in your pool, the Aladdin Swimming Pool Replacement Skimmer Basket is perfect.

Besides being a budget-friendly pool skimmer basket, it is also highly durable, thanks to the high-quality plastic construction. What’s more, the size and shape are suitable for use with most common pool skimmers out there.

Another element about this skimmer basket that many pool owners will love is the ease of installation. It has a simple design that ensures there is nothing much you need to do during installation besides snapping it in place. Also, it is easy to remove when emptying the debris.

This pool skimmer basket is not weighted enough, and so it can sometimes float when there is no suction from the pump. However, this does not affect its functionality significantly. Also, the handle is not very sturdy, but it should still serve you well with proper care.


  • Budget-friendly skimmer basket
  • Highly durable build
  • Perfect size and shape for most skimmers
  • Easy installation


  • Not weighted enough
  • Handle is not very sturdy

3. Super Pro Generic Hayward B-152 Skimmer Basket

Super Pro Generic Hayward B-152 Skimmer Basket is a heavy-duty skimmer basket made from highly durable plastic material to ensure it gives you good service for many seasons.

The skimmer basket is also more resistant to elements like UV rays to ensure even longer service life.

This basket works very well with skimmer socks to trap all kinds of pool debris. Also, installing it is more straightforward as there is nothing much to do besides placing it over the skimmer. Additionally, the basket has wider lips to ensure it fits well and will stay in place.

The handle on this pool skimmer feels a little loose, but it should hold up well, provided you do not allow the basket to overfill before emptying.


  • Highly durable build
  • Works well with a filter basket socks
  • Straightforward installation
  • Fits well and stays in place


  • Handle feels a little loose

4. SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket

The SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket comes in a universal design that allows it to fit most popular skimmer types out there. What’s more, the skimmer basket will fit snugly in the skimmer pocket to ensure efficient operation.

With this skimmer basket, you can be sure of seamless use even when the pump is off, as it remains in place without floating like many other models out there.

Also, handling the skimmer basket is easy during installation and when you want to empty the debris, as it includes a long and comfortable tower-style handle. This long neck handle is also functional as it ensures water continues to flow even when your basket is full of debris.

Overall, the skimmer basket is also made to last thanks to the heavy-duty plastic material and a sturdy handle design.

Although this pool skimmer is a little expensive compared to other models on our list, the quality and service that it will give you make it worth the few extra bucks.


  • Wide skimmer compatibility
  • Fits snugly in the skimmer pocket
  • Does not float when the pump is off
  • Long enough and easy to use handle


  • Relatively more expensive

5. Custom Molded Product Replacement Basket

Custom Molded Product Replacement Basket will fit your skimmer perfectly as the size description is accurate to ensure you know what you are getting.

Apart from the perfect fit, the basket also features a weighted bottom design that ensures it stays in place even when you switch off your pump. Therefore, the basket will continue trapping debris long after you finish pumping water.

The overall construction is also heavy-duty enough as the manufacturer uses high-quality plastic for both the basket and handle. What’s more, the handle is held in place securely to ensure it does not snap even when the basket is full of debris.

One more thing pool owners will love about this skimmer basket is that it still comes at a relatively affordable price despite the excellent build quality.

This pool skimmer basket could still be a little heavier to be sure it will never float. However, this should not be a deal-breaker as it still works fine enough.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Stays in place thanks to the weighted bottom
  • Highly durable build
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Could still be a little heavier

6. Pentair R38013A Basket

If you are tired of cheap knockoff skimmer baskets, an OEM quality replacement part like the Pentair R38013A Basket is an excellent buy.

This genuine replacement part will hold up well against the elements, and you can be sure it will be many seasons before you need to replace it. The overall construction uses heavy-duty injection molded materials that guarantee optimum performance and long service life.

Installing the basket is also quick and easy as you only need to snap it in place. What’s more, it fits perfectly and will be snug enough to ensure it never falls off.

The drawbacks of this pool skimmer basket include that it is pretty expensive and it is not weighted. However, the price reflects the superior build quality, and despite not being weighted, it remains in place well enough to trap debris when your pump is running.


  • OEM quality replacement part
  • Highly durable materials
  • Fits perfectly
  • Super easy to install


  • Quite an expensive basket
  • Not weighted

7. Hayward SPX1091C Basket

With the larger capacity of the Hayward SPX1091C Basket, you will not need to keep emptying your skimmer basket as it can hold more leaves and debris without affecting the flow of water.

The overall construction of the skimmer basket is also quite sturdy to ensure it serves you well for many seasons. Also, the manufacturer includes a sturdy plastic handle to make it easy to take out the basket for emptying.

The handle on the basket is also removable, which allows you to use the skimmer basket with a pool sock for increased debris trapping efficiency. Overall, this skimmer basket is relatively easy to set up. As long as you have a compatible skimmer, it provides a perfect and snug fit.

The handle holders do not seem good quality. However, you can ensure they never break off by not allowing the basket to overfill with debris.


  • Larger capacity to hold more debris
  • Includes a sturdy and convenient handle
  • Usable with a pool skimmer sock
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Handle holders are not very good quality

Guide to Buy the Best Pool Skimmer Basket

How to Buy the Best Pool Skimmer Basket

1. Material and Durability

Any pool skimmer basket you choose should have high-quality and durable material. Remember that the pool’s high chlorine concentration and other chemicals can be pretty harsh on inferior quality materials.

Most skimmer baskets are plastic. You need to make sure the plastic used is heavy gauge enough so that the basket can withstand the harsh chemicals in the pool water.

Reading customer reviews is an excellent way to judge whether material is of good quality or not. Also, check the warranty, and something that comes with an extended warranty is more likely to last a long time.

2. UV Resistance

If you use the skimmer basket for an outdoor pool, it will be at the mercy of the sun’s harsh UV rays. Therefore, when deciding what to buy, you need to make sure it has good UV resistance.

Some baskets will use a UV-resistant material, while others have a special coating to prevent damages from the sun. Both options are effective enough at keeping the sun in check.

3. Ease of Installation

Overall, pool skimmer baskets are straightforward to install, provided you get the size and shape right. However, some can give you a hard time by using a complicated mechanism for locking them in place.

When it comes to the ease of installation, look for a skimmer basket that is weighted and hence uses gravity to keep it in place as it will be easier to install and also remains in place when the pump is off. Also, something with a twist-lock system should give you an easy time.

However, the most straightforward ones to install are pool socks, as they only require you to stretch fabric over your skimmer. The Coopache Pool Skimmer Socks is a perfect example. 

4. Handle

A good quality handle is essential for any skimmer basket you buy as it makes it easy to remove when you want to empty the debris.

Some models will include a metal handle, which is more durable as it is sturdier than the cheap plastic handles. Regardless of the handle material, make sure it is comfortable enough to hold.

Also, handles with a design that allows water to continue flowing even when the basket gets full, like SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket, are even better as they ensure your skimmer will never strain.

5. Pool Compatibility

It is also essential to make sure the skimmer basket you choose is designed for your specific pool type, as this can affect its effectiveness.

Some models can work for both above and inground pools, while others are only for either of the types. Therefore, as you check other things like the size and fit, also check whether the skimmer basket is for your pool type.

Bottom Line

You can be sure that managing leaves, dog hair, dirt, and other pool debris will be easier with the best pool skimmer basket. And now, with our review and buying guide above, finding the perfect one should be a breeze.

Each model we review does a fantastic job, but the Coopache Pool Skimmer Socks is our best overall as it works for almost any pool type and features a heavy-duty nylon material.

However, if you are on a tight budget and prefer something more affordable that still does a fantastic job trapping debris, go for the Aladdin Swimming Pool Replacement Skimmer Basket.

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