7 Best Pool Vacuum Heads for Vinyl Liners, Inground & Above Ground Pools

When it comes to vacuuming your pool, you need to make the job easier and faster for you by investing in the best pool vacuum head.

A pool vacuum head allows you to pick up dirt and debris from the pool floors quickly. Also, it provides a more cost-effective way of cleaning your pool without having to buy expensive machines or paying professionals.

Like with all other pool cleaning equipment, you need to make sure you choose a good pool vacuum head model that will clean well and give you great value for money.

Fortunately, there are many fantastic pool vacuum heads out there, and here we help make it easier to choose the right one for you with a review of some top models and buying guide.

7 Best Pool Vacuum Heads – Review

1. Best Overall: Hayward SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head

The Hayward SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head takes our top spot as it is a well-built vacuum head that makes cleaning easy and will also do a thorough job cleaning your swimming pool.

With the rugged molded thermoplastic construction, you can be sure this pool vacuum head will last a long time. Also, it has a see-through design that makes it possible to view the pool bottom when cleaning, so you do not miss a spot.

Cleaning steps and corners is also more effortless with this vacuum head as its triangular shape, and contoured design make these hard-to-reach areas easier to access.

What’s more, the head has long-wearing brushes to help loosen algae and other kinds of dirt on the pool surfaces. Also, you never have to worry about the hose tangling as the 360-degree swivel connector ends help prevent this.

Although this pool vacuum head is relatively pricier, its build quality and cleaning efficiency make it worth paying a few extra bucks.


  • Allows you to spot dirt for easy cleaning
  • Cleans corded and steps easily
  • Includes a high-quality brush
  • Hose connector ends swivel to prevent tangling


  • Relatively pricier

2. Best for the Money: Swimline Weighted Half-Moon Vacuum Head

Swimline Weighted Half-Moon Vacuum Head is an inexpensive but still highly durable pool vacuum head, and it is unbeatable without spending much more money.

Besides the excellent value for money, the pool vacuum head is weighted, which allows it to stay perfectly flat on the pool floor for faster and more efficient vacuuming.

The pool vacuum head will be suitable for use with almost any hose as it will fit both the 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hose necks. Therefore, you will not need to get any special hose, as it should work fine with what you already have.

The half-moon shape allows this vacuum head to clean rounded pools more effectively. What’s more, it includes a perimeter brush for scrubbing the pool to ensure a more thorough cleaning.

Although the bristles do not seem outstanding for an inexpensive vacuum head like this, they should not be the deal-breaker.


  • More affordable to ensure you get good value for money
  • Remains on the floor for efficient vacuuming
  • Includes brush for more thorough cleaning
  • Works with all standard hose necks


  • Brush bristles are not good quality

3. Best Inground Pool Vacuum Head: Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head 

The Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head is just what you need for those with inground and vinyl pools. It is 2 pounds weighted to ensure it remains at the bottom of your inground pool and comes in a triangular shape to make sure you can clean all spots, including corners, easily.

With the soft nylon bristle brushes at the bottom, this vacuum head is gentle enough on your delicate vinyl finish but still effective at scrubbing. These bristles also have a unique angle that ensures the brush will funnel in the dirt for easy vacuuming.

Durability is also a guarantee, thanks to the heavy-duty ABS plastic construction. Better still, the vacuum head includes rubber bumpers that will help protect pool surfaces from scratches.

Also, it has spring-loaded locking clips on the handle to ensure easy attachment of any standard pool pole.

Moving it around will require some extra elbow grease as there are no wheels at the bottom, but it should get easier as you use it more and master the technique.


  • Easily maneuverable for accurate vacuuming
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Bristles are gentle on the pool surface
  • Weighted to keep it at the bottom of the pool


  • A little hard to move around

4. Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Head: Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

If you have an above ground pool, the Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head will work well for you as it is suitable for any pool type. The vacuum head includes some soft brushes along the perimeter that are gentle and effective enough at cleaning any pool surface.

You can be sure of easy and optimal cleaning with this pool vacuum head. The head is weighted to ensure it sinks and stays at the bottom as you clean and includes an air-relief valve to remove any extra suction, so you get optimal cleaning throughout the pool.

The pool vacuum head will also give you many years of excellent service, thanks to the heavy-duty ABS construction. This material also makes it lightweight enough for easy handling and is resistant to pool chemicals.

You can be sure of an easy time connecting the hose as this head can work with standard 1.25″ and 1.5″ vacuum hoses. Better still, the handle includes some spring-loaded clips to allow you to attach any standard pool pole.

There are no wheels on this pool vacuum head, but this should not be a big concern given how easy it is to move around.


  • Weighted to ensure easy cleaning
  • Includes soft brushes for cleaning all pool types
  • Durable and pool chemical resistant
  • Works with most hoses and poles


  • No wheels

5. U.S. Pool Supply 11″ Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head 

If you prefer a rectangular pool vacuum head instead of the more popular triangular one, this 11-inch model by U.S. Pool Supply will be perfect.

One of the first things pool owners seem to love is that it accepts both 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hoses to allow you to use almost any standard garden hose you have. Better still, the head connection swivels, which minimizes hose tangling.

There are 8 different brushes on the head, which helps ensure you get deep cleaning as they will help scrub dirt from the pool surfaces. Also, the brush bristles are gentle enough, which makes this vacuum head safe for delicate pool finishes like vinyl.

Since the pool vacuum head is weighted, you can be confident it will maintain good contact with the pool surface throughout to ensure more efficient vacuuming.

The shape makes it hard for this vacuum head to get into corners and other tight spots, but it should still vacuum off the dirt provided you get it close enough.


  • Works with most hose types
  • Includes more brushes to ensure deep cleaning
  • Maintains good contact with the pool
  • Safe to use on vinyl pools


  • Does not get into corners easily

6. Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head 

With the extra-wide 13.25-inch Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head, you can be sure of finishing up the job faster as it covers more area with every pass.

The pool vacuum head comes in a flexible design and will include wheels to make it more maneuverable and ensure you can move it around the pool more effortlessly.

Another element that will ensure you never have issues with mobility is that the vacuum head is weighted, which allows it to maintain excellent contact with the pool surface throughout.

Assembling the pool vacuum head should not take a lot of time and effort as it comes with a snap-adapt handle and fits standard 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hoses.

There is no brush on this pool vacuum head, which can be a significant issue for some potential users, but you will be amazed at how thorough it still cleans even with no brush.


  • Wider to cover more area with every swoop
  • Flexible design and wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Weighted to maintain good floor contact


  • Does not have a brush

7. U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum Head 

Everything about this U.S. Pool Supply product is all about ensuring pool owners have an easy time cleaning their pool and that they get good outcomes. The vacuum head includes a swiveling hose connection to prevent tangling, and it will also work with both 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hoses.

With the triangular shape of this vacuum head, maneuvering it will be more effortless. Also, the shape makes it easy to clean corners, steps, and other hard-to-reach pool areas. Better yet, the body is transparent to ensure you can see the bottom when cleaning, so you never miss a spot.

Since this pool vacuum head is weighted, you can be sure it will remain on the pool floor and maintain good contact for easy and optimal vacuuming.

Additionally, you can use almost any pool pole you like to ensure you have an easy time, as the EZ clip handle allows you to attach any standard pool cleaning pole.

The few drawbacks of this pool vacuum head are that the brushes seem quite weak and the unit does not seem very heavy-duty, but it is still good enough for its price.


  • Hose connection swivels to prevent tangling
  • Gets into corners and tight areas easily
  • Weighted to remain on the pool floor
  • Allows you to view pool bottom when cleaning


  • Brushes are relatively weak
  • Not very heavy-duty

Guide to Buy the Best Pool Vacuum Head

How to Buy the Best Pool Vacuum Head

1. Pool Compatibility

The pool vacuum head you choose should be compatible with your specific pool type to serve you well. If you have an inground or above ground pool, what you buy needs to be usable in that particular pool type.

Also, the vacuum head should be safe to use on your precise pool finish type to ensure you will not scratch or damage the finish material. Some finishes like vinyl and fiberglass are exceptionally delicate, and so if you use the wrong pool vacuum head, you may end up having to do expensive repairs or replacements.

If you are unsure what vacuum head will work for your pool, go for something suitable for both inground/above ground pools and all finish types like the Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head.

2. Vacuum Head Width

The width of the pool vacuum head determines the areas it can clean with every swoop and hence how long it will take you to clean the entire pool surface. Most models out there have a width of between 14 and 40 inches, so there is something for everyone.

Although a broad head cleans faster, it is crucial to note that using one also increases drag, meaning the job will be more tedious.

If you plan to get a broad pool vacuum head, make sure you and everyone else that will use it has the physical capability to handle its drag. Also, you need to have adequate space for storing it when not in use.

3. Wheels

Wheels help make it easier to move the pool vacuum head around, and they are beneficial when you have to deal with a broad model that faces a lot of drag.

It is always better to go for something with large and smooth-rolling wheels as you decide what to buy.

Small wheels can be good enough for a smaller pool vacuum head but if you want something bigger, make sure it has wheels with ball bearings. The inclusion of ball bearings will make moving the heavier vacuum head almost effortless.

4. Shape and Design

The shape and design of the pool vacuum head determine its effectiveness at cleaning your pool and ease of use.

A triangular-shaped pool vacuum head like the Hayward SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head is one of the most popular options. Many pool owners love the shape as it gets into corners and other hard-to-reach spots quickly.

However, a half-moon vacuum head like the Swimline Weighted Half-Moon Vacuum Head is the best for round pools.

Other things to look for when it comes to the design are a see-through body to make it easy to spot dirt and a flexible head that flexes to go with the contours in an uneven pool floor.

Bottom Line

You can always be sure of an easy time cleaning your swimming pool with the best pool vacuum head. If you are looking for the best one, we have already done the hard work for you, and you now only need to pick one from our review above.

To make the choice even more effortless for you, the Hayward SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head is our top overall recommendation. What gives this vacuum an edge is that it is well-built, easy to use, and cleans thoroughly.

However, if you are looking for a good bargain, the Swimline Weighted Half-Moon Vacuum Head is unbeatable for the price. Despite being an inexpensive model, it cleans well, is easy to use, and should give you excellent service for a long time.

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