Top Rated Pool Winterizing Kits & Guide to Select the Best Pool Closing Kit

Pool protection is crucial during the winter months because as the water freezes and expands, it causes problems for everything from the plumbing system to the pool liner. With the best pool winterizing kit, it will be easy to protect your pool in the winter months.

A winterizing kit makes it easier to protect the pool from the harsh winter weather. Using a kit ensures you do not forget any essential chemicals you need to keep your swimming pool in good shape as it provides everything you need in one package.

The key elements of a good winterizing kit include a sanitizer to keep the water clean, a stabilizer to ensure the pH will not fluctuate, algaecide to prevent algae growth, and an anti-stain.

This article shows you how to pick the right one with a review of some top-rated winterizing kits and a buying guide.

5 Best Pool Winterizing Kits – Review

1. Best Overall: In The Swim Pool Winterizing and Closing Chemical Kit

At the top of our list is this chlorine-free winterizing kit from The Swim that includes everything you need to protect your pool in the winter. The fact it does not have any chlorine is one of its main highlights as it means it will not affect the effectiveness of your algaecide.

Lack of chlorine and inclusion of the winter stain-away ensure the winter kit does not stain or bleach the pool surfaces or fixtures. Therefore, when using this kit, you can be sure of finding the pool in the same condition you left it in before winter.

The package also includes a slow-releasing winter floater with an oxidizer that will help balance your pool chemistry when not in use. Additionally, there is also a winter sorb that keeps the pool water even cleaner by absorbing oils, scum, and lotions from the water.

Many pool owners will also love that this kit comes with some comprehensive and easy-to-follow pool winterizing directions.

While some users might not like having to buy an anti-freeze to get the best from this kit, this is necessary with most kits. Therefore, it should not be a big concern. Also, this kit will not be ideal for pools that use biguanide sanitization systems, but it should work for all others.


  • Will not affect algaecide as it is chlorine-free
  • No staining or bleaching of pool surfaces
  • The package includes a handy winter floater
  • Clear directions for winterizing provided


  • Requires anti-freeze to work properly
  • Does not work with some sanitization system

2. Best for Use with all Pool Sanitizers: Robelle Swimming Pool Winter Kit

Whether you have a chlorine, bromine, or ozone-based pool sanitization system, this Robelle winter kit will work for you. It is compatible with all sanitization systems, and so it can work for any pool type out there.

The winterizing kit includes a winter shock that helps ensure your sanitizer remains effective during winter, a winter clear that keeps the water clean and odor-free, and anti-stain control that ensures there will be no staining or scaling.

Pool owners will love that the shock is 100% soluble as this prevents the water from getting cloudy. What’s more, the kit comes with complete and clear winterizing directions.

Although the bottles do not seem to have a lot of product, they still contain enough to cover a 15,000-gallon pool. There is also an option for the larger 30,000-gallon pools: Robelle 3930SP Winter Chemical Kit.


  • Works with all sanitizers and hence all pool types
  • Shock dissolves completely in water
  • Does not stain or scale pools
  • Easy to use with the provided instructions


  • Not much product in the bottles

3. BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Closing Kit

The BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Closing Kit includes an algae protector and shock. The algae protector ensures no algae will grow in your pool during winter and is straightforward to use as no mixing or pre-dissolving is needed.

The shock has a multifunctional formula as it will work as a buffer, oxidizer, clarifier, and flocculant to ensure the pool water gets maximum protection during the off-season.

You can use this winter closing kit with any pool surface type as it does not contain any harsh or toxic compounds that can cause damage. What’s more, the manufacturer provides clear directions on everything you need to do when winterizing your pool.

Although this kit does not include certain things like an anti-stain, it still has the most critical compounds you need to maintain your pool in the winter.


  • Shock serves several functions
  • Easy to use with no mixing or pre-dissolving needed
  • Suitable for any pool surface
  • Includes clear winterizing instructions


  • Does not include all winterizing chemicals

4. Pool Trol 57538 Winterizing Kit

The Pool Trol 57538 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best pool winterizing kit for large pools. The kit includes enough winterizing products for pools with a capacity of up to 35,000 gallons.

Also, there is everything you need to protect your pool in the cold winter months. The kit has 3 pounds of non-chlorine shock that will be gentler on your pool surfaces and fixtures. Other components are 1 quart of a liquid winterizer and 2 quarts of winter stain out.

It also comes with 3 pre-loaded dispensers that will make the application of the products faster and easier. What’s more, you get all this at a relatively affordable price tag to ensure the best value for money.

If you do not have enough experience using winterizing kits, the directions might feel somewhat inadequate. However, you should still be able to figure things out with a quick online search.


  • Works well even for larger pools
  • Includes everything you need to protect your pool
  • Easy application with pre-loaded dispensers
  • Great value for money


  • Inadequate directions

5. Qualco Pool Closing Chemical Kit

Qualco Pool Closing Chemical Kit is pre-measured for specific pool sizes, and it will be ideal for closing swimming pools with a capacity of up to 30,000 gallons. Even if you have a smaller pool size, this kit will be handy as it can help you deal with pool cover issues.

The kit includes a winterizing powder, liquid winterizer, and winter stain out to ensure you have everything you need to give the swimming pool all-round protection.

With the chlorine-free formula, you can be sure the effectiveness of your algaecide and other chemicals in your pool will not be affected when you add it to your pool. Also, the absence of chlorine helps prevent the bleaching of pool surfaces.

Using this kit should be pretty easy even for beginners as it comes with some clear and easy-to-follow directions. Hence, you will not have any difficulties closing your pool.

The bottles need a better seal as they seem prone to leakage. However, if you get the right amount for your pool, you should not have any leftovers, so this is hardly an issue for you.


  • Includes just the right amount of product for your pool
  • The formula does not contain any chlorine
  • Effective at preventing pool surface staining
  • Clearly written and easy to follow directions


  • Bottles do not have a good seal

Guide to Buy Pool Winterizing Kit 

How to Buy Pool Winterizing Kit

1. Kit Contents

The first factor you have to consider as you choose a winterizing kit is the contents. You need something to give your pool all-around protection and not just protect it from one element.

Something that includes a sanitizer for cleaning your water, algaecide, pool shock, pH stabilizer, anti-stain, and any other compound that will help protect your pool during winter is the best.

Some kits will include some of these products mixed into one compound like the pool shock, while others will have them in separate containers, and hence you have to add them separately.

2. Pool Size

Every winterizing kit will be for use on specific pool sizes. For example, the Pool Trol 57538 Winterizing Kit is for 35,000-gallon pools, while the Robelle Swimming Pool Winter Kit is for smaller 15,000-gallon swimming pools.

Choosing a kit that fits your pool size will ensure it gets adequate protection. It is crucial to ensure that you do not add too much or too little winterizing chemicals to your pool, as doing either will cause more harm than good.

3. Ease of Use

Preparing your pool for the winter months when it will be out of service takes quite some work. Therefore, you do not want a winterizing kit that will complicate things further for you.

Any winterizing kit you choose should be straightforward to use and come with clear directions on everything you need to do when preparing the pool for winter.

Winterizing kits that come with just a few compounds like the Qualco Pool Closing Chemical Kit will give you the easiest time as there is nothing much to do besides adding them to the pool. Also, those that have pre-loaded dispensers are pretty convenient and easy to use.

4. Price

Depending on your pool size, the length of the winters in your locality, and their intensity, you might need to use a lot of winterizing chemicals. Therefore, you cannot afford to overlook the price when shopping.

The good news is that winterizing kits typically do not cost much, as most will retail for under $50. However, most inexpensive kits often do not include everything you need to protect your pool in winter. Therefore, you are likely to spend more money still.

Hence, the best idea is always to go for a complete kit that comes at a more affordable price tag, as this will ensure you get the best value for your money.


With the best pool winterizing kit, you have one of the best solutions for ensuring your swimming pool remains in good working condition during the winter off-season. Now finding the right one is all about picking what works best for you from our list above.

That said, the In The Swim Pool Winterizing Kit is our top overall recommendation as it is a highly effective chlorine-free kit that comes with everything you need to winterize your pool.

However, if you prefer something you can use with all pool sanitization systems, go for the Robelle Swimming Pool Winter Kit.

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