Best Vinyl Pool Patch Kits & Underwater Vinyl Pool Repair Kits

No matter how well you maintain your pool or how careful you are with its usage, it is still prone to tears and punctures. These damages can come from the swimmers or things around the pool and often prevent you from enjoying the pool.

That said, holes and tears in the pool are pretty easy to repair, and all you need is the best vinyl pool patch kit. These pool patch kits typically include an adhesive, applicator, and vinyl patch material that you can use to cover up the tiny holes and tears quickly.

While this might look like a simple product, you will be surprised at the number of options out there. However, with our buying guide and review of some top-rated vinyl pool patch kits below, it should now be easy to get a good one.

7 Best Vinyl Pool Patch Kit – Review

1. Best Overall: Swimline Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit

The Swimline Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit is the first item on our list and the best overall pool patch kit as it is a complete kit that can work for any situation.

With this kit, you can quickly fix your vinyl pool both in and out of the water, as it is effective for both wet and dry repairs. This quality means it will be helpful for both above and inground pools.

Also, the kit is complete with everything you need, as it will include a fast drying adhesive, applicator, and a vinyl patch. What’s more, the vinyl patch comes in a clear color to ensure it can work for any pool color.

Pool owners will love that the pool patch kit is effective for repairing both pinholes and tears. You will only need to use a little adhesive, meaning the 4-ounce bottle can make several repairs.

The included instructions seem a little vague, and the quality of the provided applicator is not good enough. However, both drawbacks do not make the kit less effective and should not be the deal-breakers.


  • Works great even underwater
  • Clear patch works for any color
  • Comes with everything you need to repair vinyl pools
  • Suitable for both pinhole and tear repair


  • Instructions are a little vague
  • Pool quality applicator

2. Best Value for Money: Pool Liner Repair 408517Boxer Vinyl Swimming Kit

The Pool Liner Repair 408517Boxer is all about giving you great value for money as it is hard to get a kit that does a better job without spending way much more cash.

The pool patch repair kit comes complete with everything you will need for repairs, as there is also an adhesive applicator and vinyl patching. The adhesive includes a convenient screw on top with the applicator attached to it to ensure easy usage.

Also, the kit has up to 500 sq. in. vinyl patching that will be enough to cover multiple pinholes and tears. What’s more, the kit makes it easy to do underwater repairs as it comes with step-by-step directions on how to do them.

One gripe pool owners might have with this repair kit is that the patches take longer to cure as you need to give them up to 7 days. However, once dry, they provide a long-lasting seal.


  • Offers excellent value for cash
  • Large piece of vinyl patching
  • Convenient and easy to use adhesive
  • Easy underwater leak repair


  • Long cure time

3. Best Heavy-Duty: Pool Above 3″ Rounds Heavy Duty Blue Vinyl Patch Kit

The heavy-duty 1100 denier reinforced, and vinyl-coated fabric is the highlight of this patch kit from Pool Above. With this tough patch, you can be sure the repairs you make will hold up well and last much longer.

Besides durability, this repair kit is for multifunctional use. You can use it to repair your vinyl pool liners, inflatables, and other things like air mattresses or even rafts, making it highly useful to have around.

When buying the pool repair kit, you get at least 8 patches around 3 inches in diameter, making it highly useful when you have multiple and more extensive tears and holes. Also, you can choose from several patch colors and textures to ensure you get something that matches your pool.

Repairs should also be easy to make, as you can use the kit for both dry and underwater repairs. Additionally, it comes with clear directions for repairing pool liners and other things.

Although the colors might still not match your pool perfectly, the repair kit serves its purpose. Furthermore, you can always stick with transparent ones.


  • High-quality and durable patch
  • Works well underwater
  • Suitable for repairing different items
  • Several colors and textures to choose from


  • Colors do not match perfectly

4. Poolmaster 30274 Basic Quick Patch

You do not always need to struggle with cutting vinyl patching and applying adhesive, as you can use self-adhesive patches like Poolmaster 30274 Basic Quick Patch. These self-adhesive patches only require you to peel and stick them over the leak or tear.

Since these are pressure-sensitive patches, they will give you an even easier time patching up pool holes. What’s more, they can adhere to both dry and wet surfaces, meaning you can use them both in and out of the water.

One more thing many users will love about these patches is that they are transparent. Hence they will be mostly invisible in the pool, meaning they do not give it an unsightly appearance.

Although these patches seem to have a relatively long cure time than many similar ones, they are also more long-lasting once cured.


  • Adheres to the pool without adding any adhesives
  • Suitable for all pool colors
  • Pressure-sensitive for easy patch application
  • Usable both in and out of the water


  • Longer curing time

5. Poolmaster 30280 Pool Patch Kit

You will never need to wait for several minutes for your adhesive to dry when using the Poolmaster 30280 Pool Patch Kit, as it comes with a fast-drying adhesive. Also, this patch kit comes complete with all you need, including the repair patches and an applicator.

What’s more, the high-quality adhesive and heavy-duty patches create a stronger hold to ensure you give the pool a more permanent repair for longer service life.

You can use the pool path kit to make repairs in and out of the water as the patches adhere to wet and dry surfaces. Overall, the kit is relatively straightforward to use, and it comes with clear directions in case you have any difficulties.

Although there are only around 2 ounces of adhesive in the container, it should still be enough to make several repairs.


  • Adhesive dries super-fast
  • Patch creates a firm hold
  • Usable for both dry and underwater repairs
  • Kit includes everything you need


  • Little adhesive in the container

6. Boxer 859 Adhesives Vinyl Repair Kit

One thing that many pool owners will love a lot about the Boxer 859 Adhesives Vinyl Repair Kit is that it includes an attached dauber-applicator. This applicator makes the adhesive easy to apply and helps ensure you do not make a mess as you repair your pool.

However, this kit also includes heavy-duty vinyl patching to provide a highly secure patch that does not puncture or tear easily.

This kit works great for inflatables and pools with light gauge vinyl liners. Also, you can use it to repair both under the water and outside as it creates a strong bond on both dry and wet surfaces. What’s more, the kit is relatively straightforward to use.

Although 2 ounces of adhesive is on the smaller side, since most kits include at least 4 ounces, you will be surprised at the number of holes it can still cover. Also, the 130 sq. in patching does not look like much, but it is still enough for several repairs.


  • Conveniently attached applicator
  • Good quality patching
  • Ideal for underwater repairs
  • Easy to use


  • Small amount of adhesive
  • Provided patching is not very big

7. PRO Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit

With up to 576 sq. in. vinyl patching and 4 ounces of adhesive, the PRO Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit is just what you need when you have several holes and tears to repair.

Besides providing plenty of materials for several repairs, everything in the kit is of superior quality. The vinyl patching is premium-grade, and the same type as most manufacturers use to make the pool. Also, the adhesive is professional-grade to ensure it creates the strongest hold.

Overall, this kit is straightforward to use as you only need to cut the patching size you need, apply the adhesive, and once it is dry enough, spread it over the hole. What’s more, you can use it even for underwater repair as the adhesive also adheres to wet surfaces.

Sometimes the vinyl patch can curl up a little on the edges during the application. However, this is an easy issue to fix by using the applicator to smooth things out.


  • Large vinyl patching for multiple repairs
  • High-quality adhesive for a firm hold
  • Generous amount of adhesive
  • Works well even underwater


  • Patch edges can curl up a little

Guide to Buy the Best Vinyl Pool Patch Kit

1. Dry or Wet Application

It is essential to consider whether the patch kit you buy allows you to make the repairs underwater or not. Remember that sometimes you might get a leak deep in the water and hence have to get the patch wet during repairs.

Emptying your pool for repairs is often not a good idea, given that the walls can easily cave in since the leak might mean the pool does not have the required pressure to maintain its shape.

Therefore, a kit that allows for both underwater and dry leak patching, like the Poolmaster 30280 Pool Patch Kit and most other options on our review, is always a better buy than those you can only use on dry vinyl surfaces.

2. Kit Composition

Another crucial factor to consider when shopping for a good vinyl pool patch kit is the composition. It is vital to make sure the kit you choose has everything you need to repair leaks and small vinyl tears effectively.

Any kit you choose should include at least an adhesive, applicator, and patch material. An adhesive is a glue that allows the patch material to stick to the vinyl, while the patch material covers the hole and the applicators make it easy to spread it over the area.

3. Patch Strength & Durability

It is not easy to measure the strength and durability of a patch. The best you can do is judge this from how long it lasts once you have it on your vinyl pool.

However, reading reviews from other customers already using the specific patch kit you intend to buy can give you a good indication of just how well the patch holds up.

Also, you can use other information like the quality of the patch material and adhesive to determine whether the repairs you make will last long enough.

4. Vinyl Color/Type Match

A pool patch is already an imperfection for your swimming pool, and this is more so if it is in a conspicuous area. However, you can ensure it does not look very unsightly by pocking a patch color and texture that matches your specific vinyl material.

It will be hard to notice the repair if you use a patch that looks like your pool material, meaning it does not affect the pool’s aesthetics. For example, a blue patch is hard to pick out on an inflatable pool with the same color.

If you cannot find a pool patch kit with a material that matches your pool, you will be better off going for something transparent like what you get with the Poolmaster 30274 Basic Quick Patch.

5. Price

Although price always matters when buying anything, it should not trouble you much when choosing a vinyl pool patch kit as most are inexpensive.

You will hardly ever need to spend over $20 on a vinyl pool patch kit. However, whatever you choose should give you value for your money. For example, the more you spend on a patch kit, the better the quality you should get.

Bottom Line 

Chances are, at some point, you will need to repair tiny holes and tears on your pool. When this happens, you need to make sure you have the best vinyl pool patch lot. Luckily, finding one should now be easy by following our guide above and using our review for recommendations.

Each of our recommendations makes long-lasting repairs. However, the Swimline Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit is our best overall as it works well even underwater, is easy to use, and includes everything you need.

For pool owners that want something that will give them the best value for their money, the Pool Liner Repair 408517Boxer Vinyl Swimming Kit is our recommendation. Despite its lower price tag, this kit still comes with 500 sq. in. of heavy-duty vinyl patching.

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